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Artist Of The Week - Hushh
Monday, August 28, 2006

Being from Connecticut I had heard of Hushh long before I actually met them. If you’re into the local Hip-Hop scene at all it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ve heard of the duo of DJ Status and Diadem, the latter being known as “the limbless MC” in local Hip-Hop circles. The irony came in where we met; New Jersey, networking backstage at Hot97’s Summer Jam mega-concert back in 2004. This is when I learned that not only had I heard of them, but apparently they had heard of me, as well. We instantly connected. Hushh stands for Help Us Save Hip Hop, and who can’t get down with that? To date the duo has released one official album entitled Are You Down for the Cause? and four mixtapes, the most recent being Are You Still Sleeping? which is hosted by Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface Killah and Method Man. They have performed on stage alongside artists such as Wyclef Jean, Jadakiss, G-Unit, Fat Joe, Method Man, Keyshia Cole, Remy Martin and Papoose and have appeared on the Maury Povich show, the Howard Stern Show, and were featured in XXL Magazine last summer. Hushh has something to say and the skills to get their message across, and since I am down for the cause, they’re this week’s Artist Of The Week.

Adam Bernard: You've been opening for a lot of huge acts that have come through Connecticut. Do you have a particular favorite show, or favorite moment?
Status: From all of those performances? There are good memories after every show, but one performance this year really stood out. In late January 2006 we entered a competition in Manhattan. There were 65 acts, and each group performed one song. We were up against 64 rappers and we were second to last group to perform. The crowd and the artists didn't know what to expect when we got on stage. By the end of the performance everyone in the club had given us the respect we deserved. We won the cash prize, and took it home to Connecticut.

Adam Bernard: When people come to see Hushh live what do you hope they get out of your show?
Diadem: We hope to inspire people and give them a breath of fresh air. Hopefully everyone that sees us perform realizes that there is more to life than material possessions. We want everyone to go home and spread the word that there are still some nice muthafuckas out here.

Adam Bernard: How have your lives changed since releasing Are Your Down For The Cause? last year?
Diadem: Wow!!!!! It made us realize how unprepared we were at the time it was released. We (Hushh Entertainment) feel like everything happens for a reason. It made us realize that there are far more processes involved in releasing an album. Also, we have grown a lot more on the production tip. "Are You Still Sleeping?" definitely solidifies the fact that our skills have grown since "Are You Down For The Cause?”

Adam Bernard: Diadem is the limbless MC. With so many people looking to network with you how many low lives have you run into who are looking to exploit the handicapped aspect of Hushh?
Status: That seems to happen quite frequently, but we know how to handle it. In July 2004 we opened up for ODB in Manhattan along with him was 60 Second Assassin, of Sunz Of Man. After our performance 60 Second Assassin asked Dia for his cell number. Later, around four in the morning, Dia received a phone call from 60. He insisted that Dia make a bunch of DVD's, exploiting his disability. He even offered a small amount of money to try to convince him. Dia, obviously, turned him down because no member of Hushh would ever exhibit such behavior. We want people to talk about us because of our talents, not because of a gimmick.

Adam Bernard: Let's end on a more positive note. We know you're helping to save Hip-Hop, it's in your name, but who else do you see out there that's helping to save Hip-Hop?
Status: We obviously can't name them all, but artists such as Papoose, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and DMX are prime examples of MC’s who is staying true to the craft. Papoose is bringing the lyrical skills back to songs. Ludacris is always paying attention to the state of Hip-Hop and always stays true to himself. Busta is bringing "that New York shit" and giving respect to the cats that paved the way. Eminem is always on the next level of creativity that no one has touched yet. Last, but not definitely not least, DMX has been making some meaningful music that is filled with emotion that people can relate to.

Website: www.HushhEntertainment.com

MySpace: www.myspace.com/HelpUsSaveHipHop


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