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Artist Of The Week – Reign
Monday, July 10, 2006

Hailing from Long Island, specifically Brentwood, NY, Reign has not led the easiest of lives. From being homeless to being a single parent while bouncing from shelter to shelter, the deck did not look stacked in his favor. Some people feel adversity builds character and if that’s the case Reign had to be wondering how much character he really needed. His music career started a decade ago and in 1997 he formed The Puerto Rox with Lou Diggz. The group disbanded in 2001 after Reign’s close friend and hype man, Blast, was killed. After reevaluating his life Reign was ready to go solo and hit people with his music again. He’s performed at nearly 100 clubs, showcases and benefits and this week he’s being featured here as my Artist Of The Week.

Adam Bernard: Your past, I know it’s not the most enjoyable topic in the world, but tell me about being homeless while raising a child. What was your day to day regiment like?
Reign: Well, it wasn’t easy. I think one of the hardest parts of it was watching lil’ man have to travel to school and go through not having everything that a lot of other kids had. He used to take a bus that would be almost a three hour ride EACH way to and from school because the area we were living in wouldn’t let him register in that district because we were considered “temporary residents.” In other words, they didn’t want the homeless element in their nice, wealthy district. He started Kindergarten in a hotel we were temporarily housed at. There was no refrigerator there so we used to hang the milk out the back window from a bag so we could keep it fresh. Then I got smart and got a cooler. That’s when I started putting my Colt 45 out the window, lol. We’ve been to almost every single shelter out here on LI. The Department of Social Services has basically constructed a plan that is almost guaranteed to make you fail. There are so many families going through shit much worse than I did but the homeless and “families in need” population is pretty much swept under the rug by politicians out here because they want LI to be looked at as the “nice area” with trees and driveways. We got hoods here too, niggaz be bangin out on a regular. In fact, I think it’s harder out here to be homeless or in a shelter than it is in other areas because of the lack of transportation and the peanuts DSS gives you to survive. It’s extremely easy to go the wrong route because of the feeling of desperation and hopelessness you wake up with everyday. I thank The Lord everyday for all I have and all that COULD have happened, but didn’t.

Adam Bernard: How has your past affected your music?
Reign: I believe the past affects all work from true artists, that’s why its real frustrating watching what Hip-Hop has turned into in lately. Rappers talking about how rich they are is corny and it’s making Hip-Hop look bad. I mean, the average nigga that’s struggling in the hood can’t relate to Cristal and iced out fashions cuz the average nigga can’t afford it. Of course, you have those superstars in the hood that’s really hustlin and makin shit happen, but the average, nah they don’t know. All the struggles and mishaps in my life I wouldn’t change for anything because it’s given me that much more real shit to talk about. I want my music to reach the dude on the corner that’s hustling to eat and to help his family, not the nigga that hustles because he wants to be known in the hood or because his man can get a good deal on a few o’s. I don’t respect that. Do it if you gotta do it, don’t do it just to do it. Greedy niggaz always fall down, I’ve seen it.

Adam Bernard: Having already overcome such adversity in your life, what makes you
want to overcome all the obstacles that are before you being an MC trying to break into the music industry?
Reign: I’m so used to being the underdog in a lot of aspects in my life. Many people haven’t expected me to be anything, much less make anything of my life. I want to be one of the people out here to show others you can do it and you don’t have to change who you are to get it. My music touches people and I want to be able to bring it to the masses. There is no doubt in my mind that persistence overcomes resistance and Reign is destined to prove that theory.

Adam Bernard: What kind of an impact are you looking to make with your music?
Reign: I read your interview with Hired Gun and he brought up something about a conversation he had with someone about touching people through the music. I feel that way too. If I can continue to touch peoples lives, or make an impression on someone, that’s what I want to do. I’m not concerned how others view me or take in my music, I could give a fuck. If they don’t respect me, I’ll make sure they don’t forget me. I do it for those who wanna hear it. Even if its only one person I touch, it’s worth it to me.

Adam Bernard: Finally, what quality do you feel you have that makes you unique as an MC?
Reign: I’m not lookin to be a millionaire, although that’d be ill (laughs). If I could make three dollars or $400 a week doing what I love to do I’d be happy. That makes me unique cuz I’m not tryin to make an album for the clubs or make a track to all my “iced out niggaz” just to get paid and then put out more garbage every year. It’s all good in moderation but niggaz be OD’ing with that shit. Hip-Hop needs more originality, more realness, more hunger. Now THAT’S where Reign comes in. I don’t wanna be known as the illest lyricist out there, but I want it to be known that when my shit drops niggaz better stop eatin so much and learn how to be hungry again before the predator becomes the prey.

Websites: SignReign.com, musicfreedom.com/reign & soundclick.com/reignbrentwoodli

MySpace: myspace.com/supremereign

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posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:39 AM  
  • At 8:56 AM, Anonymous VALERIE said…


  • At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Ant (Petelshot) said…

    E! True HIP HOP Story...not only a great artist/lyricist with hot music...This dude is an inspiration...Someone needs to give my man a deal...STOP FRONTIN'

  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous C. Jackson said…

    In a day and age of "Bling-Hop", Reign keeps his lyrics on point with the true essence of what Hip-Hop WAS and SHOULD continue to be!
    Keep it flowin'!

    Peace & Love,


    CJR Entertainment

  • At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Shiela said…

    For the love of god someone needs to SIGN REIGN!!!! If it isnt already obvious, this man has a true passion for his music and his life all together. There is no one in the rap game with more heart, and no one who deserves it more. I have his cd on heavy rotation in my car, and every person who hears it cant believe that he's still considered an undiscovered artist! The dude has undeniable talent.. Just man up already and give Reign a record deal!

  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous No Fat Chicks said…

    Describing reigns lyrics as great is an understatement. He has what so many rappers out there lack these days. That undeniable characteristic which draws you in and makes you want to listen. His style is as refreshing yet reminiscent of pun in his hay day. The Kid just needs to be heard.

  • At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Fab said…

    Great interview....Reign's realness comes right thru.....Reign's about to blow up any second now,watch.......Brentwood's in the house!!

  • At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…



  • At 12:20 PM, Anonymous wanda said…

    Reign is a get father and great friend...He will be a friend for a life time..His music touches me like no other...If anyone deserves to make it in life its him...

  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger alex said…

    reign,(shyne) first and formost is one of the realest dudes you will ever meet, a person i look at as a role model and a MAN, who's been through so much in life and still is standing(standing tall) when most would have fallen reign is a true warrior who has never gave up in life and hustles everyday to keep a roof ova his kids heads and food on the table,you could just listen to his music and understand it all, he is the truth, but on top of that he is a brother to me, and a person that will always have love from me, REIGN SHYNE ON THE INDUSTRY MY DUDE, ONE LOVE R.I.P KING BLAST

  • At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Temper said…


  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous kristy said…

    Reign is one of the realest people out there,its a hard quality to find..Dont get me wrong, sometimes his rawness could make you want to smack him from time to time!(lol) His music is the kind that really gets in your head, you find yourself relating to his words,and just getting lost in it.. The kids got undeniable talent, just SIGN HIM ALREADY !

  • At 5:47 PM, Anonymous OFFICIAL ENTERTAINMENT said…

    Damn where can i start and how do i shorten this so it dont turn into a novel? Wut imma say aint to get REIGN the recognition he deserves or convince u to like him because we dont always agree on everything ourselves.. Im one of the very few who has heard REIGN's exclusive shyt so if you guys think the music up on the site is good, you should hear the shyt from a few yrs back from the "Puerto Rox" days that REIGN does'nt even expose to the public.. Personally those are my favorite tracks.. I like the bling bling, pushing them whips and fuckin bitches blah zay blah rap i aint gonna front, but thats all commercial shyt and only 50% is real,and it only sounds cool.. But REIGN made me realize the deffinition of real music, real talk,and real life struggles.. I say 90% of the rappers in the game aint go thru half of wut REIGN went thru and 50% already had a good living before hip hop came into there life.. I met REIGN as a person not a rapper, so when i first heard his lyrical talent i wuz like WTF, lol. I didnt know that 1. he wuz into writing music and 2. that he wuz fuckin nice at it,lol. Why? because the way REIGN carries himself didnt allow me to see that side of him.. He was too busy being the best single parent, a great friend and role model to everyone that it didnt even cross my mind about him as a rapper.. He dont brag about how nice he is even though he knows he's one of the nicest REAL TALK rappers alive.. Not saying hes not determined with his music or that he dont take it serious because REIGNS literally the most dedicated rapper in the game hands down.. But he covers up his past so well and does not even talk about it so you would never imagine wut he really went thru.. If u met him, as much as he stuggled and still struggles today, u would never imagine wut he went thru because hes always making the best of things.. If it wasnt for his music explaining his past, especially in the song "REDEMPTION", i would of never known wut the man went thru.. So the 2 key advantages REIGN has over everyone in the game is his lyrics not being 1 dimensional and CHARISMA which i think its just as important as your lyrics.. MANY i repeat MANY artist lack in this category big time.. Another words there some boring ass individuals with some good lyrics, lol.. REIGNS the total opposite. When it comes to sarcasm and joking around hes probably the funniest nigga i know.. But when it comes to dropping jewels he influenced me more than anyone ever have.. Why? because hes strait up. He dont tell me everythings gonna be better if its really not, thats wut everyone does, thats wut the nice thing to say is.. If im fucked REIGN will tell me strait up "UR FUCKED", lol but he finds ways to sort of sugarcoat it a lil so i dont feel im "as fucked" as i really am, lol and helps me surpass the situation.. I wish his talent was more exposed more to the public so he gets the deal he truly deserves but most important, i wish all ya knew REIGN for the great person he is.. Thanx for blessing me with great music in the past few yrs, but most importantly, thanx for being there for me and spitting knowledge of wut life is really about.. If i had the money that REIGN is truley worth, i would SIGN REIGN myself so i get rich off of it and laugh at all the people who had the oppertunity to do it but didnt.. www.signreign.com. His lyrics are worth alot, but his priceless friendship u cant buy n e where..

  • At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know Reign for a couple years and i never met a man so determined and focused. When i listen to his music i get chills up my spine. Everthing u say is real and dont ever change that. Dont ever stop u will make it we all know u deserve it.

  • At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Aegean said…

    Reign is one of the kats I respect the most in hiphop. Probably one of the realest guys, period. And the song "Redemption" is one of the most powerful hiphop songs I ever heard in my life. Perhaps one of the most powerful songs of ANY genre, ever. This guy deserves, and gets from me utmost respect.

  • At 12:47 PM, Anonymous nikki said…

    Reign is one of the strongest people i kno and one of the most talented lyricists ive EVER heard...i kno hes gonna be HUGE soon...and more power to whoever signs him first!!! i love you buddyyy

  • At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Dee said…

    Reign's talent really needs to be recognized. His style is unique and his lyrics are powerful. The first time I heard his music was back in 1999, and his words are still fresh in my mind. Somebody needs to sign Reign, cause it's about his time to SHYNE.

  • At 3:50 PM, Anonymous WoneForAll aka AF the King! said…

    It's obvious Reign is living Hip Hop! The grind is the force that hones our sharp edges but struggle is it's master. Soul is only exposed by the stretching of your comforts. Having to work harder leads you to desire more out of yourself and your life. This is why we think of Black Music as Soul Music, and it is! But the truth is that struggling to find the right way to express your story is what GIVES it SOUL! That's what I hear in much of his music. It's really asking how do I make my mark in this world. That's the question of all music really. Reign, keep grindin' to sharpen your art but more importantly keep asking yourself: why? 'Cause trying to find the answer is what makes your music bang!! and that's real talk!

  • At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Sonia ..La Bandoler@ said…

    Yo WuT mOrE cAn I sAy?? This article gave me chills, Reign you are a true MAN and I love your music because it is so real and it is time we do bring REAL HIP HOP back. Not only is it catchy but he talks about it all, and thats what makes him seprated from the others. Keep being deticated Reign because God knows you deserve the best in life and dont lose what u trully stand for because your music is an inspiration to many. God Bless and keep doing your thing...and on that note..this MAN really needs a record deal americas missing out...

  • At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Lou said…

    Luis Valderrama
    A&R Representative
    Edge 1 Records

    ....i think anyone that can read this article and make the realization that this isnt an artist that was put together by bullsht or industry nonsense, but someone thats been created thru societies fcked up systems and lifes tendency to be a roller coaster, should listen to his music as well, which nah only expresses all this in depth, but so much more...this is a talented dude, whos got a unique way of summin up life as his own and in general, someone we can all relate to somehow...

  • At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Ray's Up said…

    Reading this article, the comments and from my own experience working with Reign on his music I can assure you that he is a person that has a much bigger purpose in this world than the average individual. From the first day I met him I was blown away by his talent as a professional recording artist and human being! I've worked on music with many, many people over the years and Reign is an artist that paints a picture like no other and can touch you in ways that linger for months and even years after you have heard him spit. Like others have said, he is a true inspiration to those who have given up in life or are going through things where no solutions seem attainable! Reign is also a true friend, parent and business associate who has and always will make a difference in the lives of all who know him or hear his message! Thank you Adam for taking the time to recognize this incredible lyricist! Reign - keep pluggin!

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