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Artist Of The Week – Bekay
Monday, May 22, 2006

If you had to pick the one name that was generating the most buzz coming out of Brooklyn it would have to be Bekay. Yes, his moniker is the also the nickname for the borough, BK, but in addition to that his new 12 inch, “Where Brooklyn At?” features the late great ODB, he has a mixtape out hosted by the drama king DJ Kay Slay, and he’s currently working with a veritable who’s who of Hip-Hop including The Alchemist, Saigon, Masta Ace, RA The Rugged Man, Pumpkinhead, Inspectah Deck, Mr. Met and Wordsworth. Bekay’s LP, Hunger Pains, is due out soon and despite his horrible experience with MTV’s Making The Band, “I refused to sign the contract so they threw me off the show,” he’s filmed a pilot for his own reality series. Bekay has his hand in everything and it’s paying big dividends which is why he’s this week’s Artist Of The Week.

Adam Bernard: With a name like Bekay what kind of pressure do you feel to represent for your borough?
Bekay: People sometimes ask me if it’s a "BIG" name to carry, but it suits me and my borough, the gritty music I'm tryin to make and the people I represent, so THATS ME! Bekay!

Adam Bernard: Your first single is "Where Brooklyn At" with the late ODB. How did you two link up and how did his passing affect you?
Bekay: ODB was a very close friend of my boy Sean's. One night I rocked a show, and Sean brought Dirty through to check me out. Dirty was feelin me and afterwards he asked me to come chill with them more often on some friend shit. After a while Sean and I just asked him what’s good with the collabo and he was all bout it bout it. So I got this beat from Konman (from Kanye's team) and we went in to the lab a few weeks later and banged it out. I spoke to Dirty like five days before the video shoot was supposed to happen and he passed away two days later. That shit really fucked me up. Dirty went out of his way to befriend me and help me out for no reason, just cuz he was a really good dude, and people should know that about him. If he liked you he was an overly nice dude to people, just a real good hearted dude. They wanted to do the video without him after but I refused to do it. I hope he knows how grateful I am to have had him as a friend and to have worked with him.

Adam Bernard: In addition to the single with ODB you've got Kay Slay hosting your mix CD and you're being touted as one of THE guys to keep an ear out for in NY. What do you feel is the next logical step for you in your career to make those predictions come true?
Bekay: My name is being thrown around there a lot which I'm grateful for and happy about, but in all honesty I ain't anywhere near content with the status I'm at. I have so much to offer Hip-Hop. I've been up at 75% of the big major labels and sat down with people that most people would get "nervous" in front of and it seems that real Hip-Hop, or talent, is secondary in this game. Your gimmick, image, and who’s backing you is first. Being a white cat from BK with a lot of "in your face" lyrical personality seems to make the powers that be see me as Eminem. Well I have some advice for them, get your fucking head out of your ass and learn how to do your fucking job! I guess when someone with the power to make it happen can open their fucking eyes and see I'm a goldmine waiting to be tapped then you'll see my face everywhere. Till then I will continue to put my face in yours, wherever you turn you will see or hear my name cuz I'm determined.

Adam Bernard: You're a very lyrical MC. Why do you feel it's important to focus so much on that aspect of your music?
Bekay: One of the essences of Hip-Hop is being braggadocios, or "who’s the nicest," showing skills as an MC. Beats and hooks are a part of Hip-Hop music, as well, however, nowadays it’s all the same. Same beats, same corny hooks, and the MC is irrelevant!!! I call it "fill in the blank rap" cuz any MC could fill in the blank. We need to take this shit back to the artistry of this culture. Back in the day this music was started by people who had no radios, had no beats, so we would bang on tables, or someone would kick a beatbox and we would flow over that. The words are what carried our voices, and our message. Let’s not forget where this shit came from.

Adam Bernard: Finally, when people hear the name Bekay what do you want them to think?
Bekay: The greatest rapper still breathing air!!!! Hahahaha. I want them to think of a real MC, a hungry, determined, cat who is trying to give “us” a voice, a voice that we need and a voice that is not existent in Hip-Hop music today. I rep for you when you rep for me, period.

Official Websites: www.bekayrap.com & www.coalminerecords.com

MySpace Page: www.myspace.com/bekay


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