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Artist Of The Week - Disco D
Monday, April 24, 2006

He’s produced some of the hottest tracks you’ve heard over the past few years. From 50 Cent’s “Ski Mask Way” to Nina Sky’s “Turnin Me On” Disco D’s work has been blasting from stereo speakers for quite a while now. Disco’s story is one of pure determination and work ethic, a year after falling in love with Detroit’s rave scene he was headlining parties in the city and had a weekly residency at a club there. Now an NYC native, Brooklyn is where his studio, The Booty Barn, is located. Disco’s current projects include the Brazilian super group Braza and even working with Kevin Federline. With this talented producer approaching the heights of greatness it’s time to get to know Disco D.

Adam Bernard: As a producer you've worked with a diverse range of artists, creating tracks for well known acts such as Nina Sky, 50 Cent, Vybz Kartel to independent artists such as Kato and Mann Terror and even Kevin Federline. What do you feel you gain by working with so many different artists?
Disco D: I am all over the place mentally - I'm bipolar, ADHD, just generally out of my mind, so my music as a result is all over the place. I got a beat in my bag for almost everyone. I'm blessed to be able to touch both big and up and coming artists as well as real underground projects. Working for people like 50 Cent and Federline and Nina Sky has afforded me that luxury.

Adam Bernard: I'd be remiss if I didn't ask, how did the collaboration with Federline come about?
Disco D: It was one of those things where my former manager's lawyer's wife is Federline's lawyer. Federline was a fan of the “Ski Mask Way” track so he reached out to me. I have the honor of saying I was the first producer to ever lay his voice over a track.

Adam Bernard: You also have a new group you're working with, tell me about BRAZA.
Disco D: BRAZA is a bilingual Brazilian super rap group consisting of Cabal, Mr. Bomba and Preto Rima, three of the biggest rappers in Brazil, period. Cabal set a ringtone sales record with his single “Senhorita,” 100,000 copies, which for a country like Brazil, where there are lots of people with no shoes, it's not a small feat. We already have 18 songs and two videos in the bag and deals on the table, and we just started the project in January 2006.

Adam Bernard: Your studio is The Booty Barn. How did you come up with such a name and what's working in The Booty Barn like for an artist?
Disco D: Well at the time I was big into my Booty Bar party (in NYC), and I had the Booty Bar CD on Tommy Boy, so when I started having mix credits I just came up with the name. The Booty Barn is one of the most chill relaxed spots, it's my loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I live like five months out of the year. I have a dope floating floor studio with a vocal booth that I had built here, it has a soundproof view of the Williamsburg Bridge from within the control room. It's mad chill but mad pro at the same time. This is the third incarnation of the Booty Barn.

Adam Bernard: Finally, you've produced for MC's, R&B singers, Bazilian groups, but where's the Disco for Disco D? When will you live up to your name
Disco D: Hahaha! I have some Hip-Hop records coming out with chopped and screwed disco, bitch!!!!

For more information on Disco D, and to hear some of his music, please check out the following sites:

Official Websites: www.discod.com & www.brazamusica.com

MySpace Pages: www.myspace.com/gringolouco & www.myspace.com/brazamusica

Video Footage: Disco D on CNN


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