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Under Surveillance
Monday, March 27, 2006
It has come to my attention that there’s a good possibility I’m under some sort of government surveillance. The other day I received a note in the mail saying I was selected to be part of a U.S. Census survey. I figured this would be something simple, but when a lady showed up at my door with a computer and a host of questions I started to realize this was no ordinary census. When I think census all that comes to mind is saying yes I exist and calling it a day. For this particular “census,” however, which has to be some sort of government code name, I was asked questions for about 15 minutes. A minor grilling, but a grilling none the less.

When the woman asking me the questions went to leave she pointed out that I would be contacted a few times over the next 18 months to “track my progress.” My progress in what? Existing? Oh yes, the government is tracking me alright. Clearly they’ve caught wind of the powers of Adam B! I wonder if they’ll try to hire me as some sort of Boba Fett after all their tracking.

In saner ventures, I spent almost the entire weekend working, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds. I had an interview I had to do last minute so I interviewed the artist on Friday, transcribed and outlined it on Saturday and wrote it up and emailed it to my editor on Sunday. To go with that I managed to listen to over half a dozen albums and watch a DVD. I also uploaded Hushh’s freestyle from Friday night’s radio show. Check out the picture gallery on the right hand sidebar for a brand new pic of Hushh and yours truly. The weekend was a bit tiring, but working that hard on the weekend makes me not mind nearly as much when a week has a couple of slow days.

Slow days can be torturous, however, as I’m currently waiting to hear back regarding two major projects which have me living on the edge of my seat until further notice. I’m also working on scheduling my April events. I already have thee major events I’m booked to go to in NYC and there’s at least one more that, if it happens, I’ll be at. The weather is getting warmer and that means you’ll be seeing me at a lot more parties, screenings, listening sessions and concerts. Well, that is, for those of you who actually see me. As always, look for write-ups of every event I go to right here at Adam’s World.

Speaking of write-ups I had two new interviews go online last week, a Q&A with Jason Weaver of the new film ATL and a large feature story on DMC of Run-DMC. Both are great but I’m especially proud of the DMC feature which I feel is top notch. Starting tomorrow RapReviews.com will be featuring my interview with Bubba Sparxxx so even if you can’t make it to a newsstand you can still find plenty of my work to read. Oh and when it comes to those newsstands I’m currently in talks to possibly have my work featured in three more magazines. I just don’t stop!

And finally, a special shout out to George Mason for their fantastic win against UConn and magical run to the Final Four. Why am I rooting for Mason? Simple, every time they play the commentators feel obligated to say that Hofstra beat Mason TWICE this year. That’s right, Hofstra’s 2-0 against this year’s Final Four teams. How’s your team doing?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 4:04 PM  
  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Matt Caputo said…

    Adam, I read your blog and you forgot to shout my brother out. George Mason's Assistant Coach.

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