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Long Live The Flying Dutchmen
Thursday, March 23, 2006
Last night’s NIT quarterfinal loss to Old Dominion was not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of, at least not for me (yeah, I know it was for a certain cousin of mine, but seriously, your team can kiss my arse! Now go win the whole thing.). My Hofstra Pride were ice cold from the floor the entire game. Normally at least one player gets hot, you don’t rack up 26 wins with terrible shooting, but last night everything that could go wrong did. Wait, check that, ESPN’s Reece Davis called us The Flying Dutchmen a number of times, which was our old team nickname back when I was in school and I appreciated the shout out to our history. As much as I’ve grown to dig our new Pride logo The Flying Dutchmen was still the greatest team nickname of all time.

While the game depressed me I was given a nice boost only an hour later when I tuned in for South Park’s send off of Chef. Isaac Hayes became a Scientologist and with his newly found beliefs felt that it was OK for the show to make fun of every religion except for his own. Let’s just say, after last night, both Scientology and the character of Chef will never be the same. Pity my friend who has the nickname Chef due to his uncanny resemblance, both in looks and voice, to the cartoon character, after last night’s show his nickname has taken on horrible new connotations, none of which are deserved, but all of which will be used as inside jokes until the end of time.

Speaking of things undeserved, my right knee was slightly purple when I woke up Wednesday morning. I had been doing some pretty intense grappling the night before with some other black belts so it wasn’t like it was a huge mystery as to where the large purple mark came from. I had one guy in a half guard (if you want to figure it out from the pic I linked to I’d be the one on the bottom) for about a full minute and I knew when he was struggling to get his leg out that my legs were going to look a little worse for wear because of it. It was worth it, though. I find grappling to be incredibly fun. When I hit the gym on Wednesday, however, I knew that my knee might not be right to run on so I asked one of the trainers what to do for cardio and she suggested I hit the bike. Three miles of bike riding later my knee felt a hundred times better and it hasn’t regressed since. Big ups to Brandy over at The Edge (AKA the gym formerly known as The Fitness Edge) for the cardio tip!

In my world as a working writer the previous two weeks were absolutely brutal. I’m working on a very large article that’s at around 3,500 words, and I’ve been interviewing people continuously for it. Combine those interviews with my regular interviews and in one twelve day span I did ten interviews, and that’s not counting my on air ones with my radio show guests. I’ve had quite a few artists come to me and ask me to manage them, but with a schedule like mine I honestly don’t think it would be fair to the artists. The good news is my mega-article looks great, as do all my other interviews from the past few weeks. Now I just have to find some placement for a few of them.

In my other work world, my radio show has turned into exactly what I want it to be, a fun place where my friends who are artists can get on with me and have a good time. I play a lot of music but have an equal amount of fun. The time schedule I created for the show has worked out perfectly and I’ve been getting a great response from people all over the country. Last week was a true test for me as my predominantly Hip-Hop show had acoustic guitarist Jim Wolf on. Wolf is really talented dude and both DJ Halo and I dig hanging out with him so I said musical genres be damned, I’m having him on. It worked out really well and the response was fantastic. Let the cult following begin!

Finally, those who are perceptive, or at least awake, have probably noticed a few changes to Adam’s World. I switched up my main pic because I was tired of being so squished in up there that I was barely recognizable even to myself, and I added a picture gallery to the right hand sidebar. Expect pictures to be added to that as I attempt to get more and more interesting flicks for ya’ll. I’ve also changed my subhead. My number of clicks and unique users has gone up each of the past six months so I figured it was time to ditch the headline that made this seem like a personal blog in favor of something a little more professional. Definitely let me know what you think of the changes.

PS – I have no idea how long this streak will last but I’m two for two with my American Idol predictions so far! C’mon Simon, add me to the judging panel!
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