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Going Back To Hofstra
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Here’s a sure fire indicator that your career is going well, when your old school asks you to come back to speak with a group of students about how you worked your way to where you are now. This is exactly what happened to me this week and I’m pretty hyped about it. I received an email from Hofstra all about how they’re re-launching the school magazine in May, which used to only be for the school of communications, as a publication for the entire school. I used to write for the magazine, back then it was called The Communicator, since then it’s been renamed Pulse, and I’ve kept in touch with one of my journalism professors from back in the day. It was my old professor who recommended me as a speaker. This is quite an honor as I know they’re looking to make this re-launch a huge success. During the event I’ll be up there in front of a whole bunch of journalism majors telling them about how I broke into the business, what it takes to stick around, and even relaying a few crazy stories from my life as a writer. I always love going back to Hofstra for football games and basketball games, but this, this is going to be something really special. All in all it will be a fun time for both me and, I hope, the students.

Of course, all this fun is contingent on me being alive in May and thanks to the handiwork of the completely insane I now have one less terror to worry about on that checklist, Lewis the cat is under house arrest. Yes, I live in the town that decided to put a house cat under house arrest for what really amounts to simply being a cat. The claim is the he lunged at a few people’s legs and they became sacred of the feline they all outweighed by over 100 pounds. My personal favorite quote comes from one deranged woman who said "Lewis will stare you down, and you never know how he will react." I’ve cohabitated with a number of cats in my life, so let me give this person the answer to how Lewis will react. Lewis, being a cat, will react in one of two ways, he will either lick himself or go to sleep.

Originally when I saw the headline about a cat being under house arrest I thought to myself, wow that must have happened in some backwoods town where nothing ever goes on. I was saddened to find out it happened in my backwoods town right around the corner from where I live. Believe me there was no “oh my God that could have been me” feeling about things. My second thought was I hope the cat in question is a puma, or a lion or something, but no, it was a simple house cat! If a house cat is lunging at you there’s a good chance you did something to make it angry. Cats are very smart creatures and they know when there’s a large weight differential that is not in their favor. Have you ever seen a house cat attack a cow? Probably not because the cat knows it can’t take it down. The moral of this story is stop annoying Lewis the cat, because Lewis the cat is straight gangsta!

When not fending off the complete morons that have invaded my town I’ve been fending off a monster head cold all week. I’m finally at about 75%, a marked improvement over the 15% I felt on Monday. I’ve been taking it easy with my workouts, but still accomplishing plenty. The main exercise where I’ve been able to tell I’m sick is cardio. Weights aren’t that bad, but if you’re sick and you try to run it’s absolutely brutal. My hope is that I’ll be able to have a decent run tomorrow.

Though no head cold is wanted, this one isn’t messing up my life too much. Over the weekend I had worked my butt off to make the week easier so it’s not like I’m sitting here letting work pile up. This week has been a passively busy one. I’ve sent a lot of things to various publications, article pitches, clip books, etc., and now I’m just waiting to hear back. Hofstra really helped set the tone for my week by scheduling me as a speaker. Gotta love it!
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