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What Me Worry?
Monday, January 16, 2006
Once again Peyton Manning couldn’t get the job done and this time there’s no Patriot dynasty, or harsh road crowd, to blame. Manning lost a playoff game to the six seed Steelers at home after a bye week. This is a disturbing trend for the elder Manning who’s had problems with big games ever since college when he returned for his senior year at Tennessee to beat Florida and win the Heisman and ended up doing neither. Manning is on the fast track to being the next Dan Marino, and while Dan Marino has the stats to lay claim to being one of the all time greats he’s still no Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Doug Williams, or Jeff Hostetler, because all of those quarterbacks won Super Bowls. It might just be that Peyton’s Place is one that doesn’t stay open late. It serves a nice cup of Joe during the regular season but shuts down come playoff time. All that’s known is this time around he had everything going for him on his terms, the home game, the bye week, the Patriots already being eliminated, and he still couldn’t get the job done. What may not be apparent from this is that I like Peyton Manning, I think he’s a great guy and I do hope that someday he reaches the Super Bowl. If he can’t get to the big game with Harrison, Wayne and James, though, I’m just not sure if I see it happening. Incidentally, as a side note home teams are now 3-5 in the NFL playoffs. To quote the great philosopher Alfred E. Neumen, Yeech!

One thing Peyton didn’t have to worry about in his nice domed stadium is the cold weather, but it was sure a concern of mine. Cold reached a whole new level of crappiness over the weekend in the tri-state area. I’m not a big cold weather fan to begin with (though I do believe ALL football games should be played in blizzard-like conditions), and waking up to a car-sickle wasn’t exactly the stuff that dreams are made of. Basically I had to break into my own car because all four doors were frozen shut. I eventually beat the ice loose on one door and snuck in the back seat so I could shove all the other doors open. Of course I completely neglected to look at where my arms and legs were going as I was maneuvering my way around the car, which must have been a sight for any onlookers, and when I started to drive I went to look in the rear view mirror and all I saw was the floor of my backseat because I had accidentally knocked the mirror during my in-car acrobatics. Ah the not-so-subtle joys(?) of winter.

I would absolutely love to take a trip out California right now if I had the time. I haven’t been to the west coast in a number of years and there are plenty of things I’d love to see and do out there. One new thing that I’d love to check out is the recently opened museum that’s dedicated to the beat movement. The beat movement was heavily influenced by 50’s literature by the likes of Kerouac and others who helped inspire the 60’s counterculture movement. I guess I’m a bit of a history buff. Look at me I’m an adult.

No matter where I, or any of us, go we all must remember one thing, our penises do not have the right to free speech. In a landmark, and I’m using that word completely without merit, ruling that was allowed to stand by Michigan’s Supreme Court (why is it Supreme? Is Diana Ross there?) a man was convicted of indecent exposure for using his penis as his mouthpiece on his cable access show. What’s next, a conviction for CT’s own Jerry Jer the tampon man?

And finally, for those of you with high speed connections I have a link to a video you should definitely check out. Many of ya’ll know I do a lot of work with quite a few local Hip-Hop artists here in CT and the Hushh duo of Status and Diadem are two of my favorites. Hushh recently put up some video footage of Dia making a beat and it’s damned impressive. Why is it so impressive you may ask? Well, Dia has no arms and no legs yet he's still a wizard behind the keyboard, so if you have a minute check out him and Status in the studio.
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