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Things Are Getting Racial
Thursday, January 19, 2006
Before I get to my rants for the day I’d like start with something positive. Yesterday, due to having back to back phone interviews, I felt like a baller for the first time in quite a while. At around 5:20PM my phone rang and Busta Rhymes was on the line for his phoner with me. Literally three minutes after hanging up with Busta my phone rang again and it was Proof from D-12 calling for his phoner. It was one of those times when it really felt like I was doing my job in a major way. Combine that with my Tuesday where I had both a job interview and an interview with one of the cast members of The O.C. and I’m having an amazing week. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a humble dude, sometimes overly humble as one of my boys points out quite often, but this was definitely one of those stick your chest out type of moments. Now on to the rants!

I’ll keep things relatively local for my first rant, in fact I’m keeping it in-state. Greenwich, a town known for being home to the filthy rich and now apparently those with equally filthy values, denied beach access to two residents, wives of former New York Mets ballplayers, over the summer due to the color of their skin. Kelly Houston, the town’s hilariously titled affirmative action officer, had apparently sent an email advising beach employees to be discreet about bringing "black people" to the beach and to cut the number of black participants in the class(es). I guess her next idea as affirmative action officer will be to try to get some separate water fountains and a few of those colorful “Whites Only” signs she’s been hearing so much about.

Keeping with the idea of racial lunacy, Hillary Clinton decided to make a fool of herself on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday by announcing to a predominantly black audience that she felt the Democrats role in the House of Representatives is comparable to working on a plantation, adding "and you know what I’m talking about." Of course, if George Bush had said something like this he would have been murdered in the press, but since Clinton is a Democrat, and on some strange level the party’s lone hope to make any noise in 2008, she was cheered, and Barak Obama even sold himself out by supporting her statement. Now I know I’m not the right person to say Obama sold out, I don’t have any melanin so levying such an accusation is pretty harsh, but I can’t think of any other way to put it. In one statement Obama went from being a strong black man (yes, he’s half black, but that’s not really the point right now) to being an old white woman’s puppet. At least we have a potential plotline if Spike Lee ever feels like making a sequel to Bamboozled.

All this nonsense has been going while Hillary’s husband, the only reason she’s in the public eye, finished his suspension from the bar. Yes, that’s right, Bill Clinton can reapply for his law license after being the only president in history to be stripped of it while still in office (Nixon was disbarred after resigning). It really is a wonder how our country is still standing after we’ve had what will be 16 years of mediocre to awful leadership. Guess it just goes to show ya that government isn’t really all that important and people are surviving despite it rather than because of it.

Finally, I’d like to close with some words of advice for all the parents out there. Don’t give your kids initials that are the same as your local gang’s, it could get them expelled from school for initialing their notebook. Guess I shouldn’t give my kid a first / middle name combo of M.O. because then he’d be M.O.B. and I’d have to home school him.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:35 AM  
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