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Sony Goes Gay, Pigs Go Green
Thursday, January 12, 2006
My week has been positively manic (which I actually enjoy) as I’m in the process of scheduling over half a dozen interviews. Yes, that’s right, over half a dozen interviews. To go along with that I’m also editing a few Q&A’s down to more reasonable lengths, as well. My interview with M-1 of Dead Prez on Tuesday was fantastic, so much so that I’m having trouble getting it down to 2,000 words. It’s all good, though, he had so much to say that I’m sure whichever publication it goes to will be more than happy to find the room for it.

Every once in a while, OK probably more often than not, something happens in the music industry that just makes me shake my head and wonder. This time around my head’s shaking at Sony’s latest venture, a gay record label. My only real issue with the concept is that it’s yet another attempt by a minority to segregate themselves and segregation usually doesn’t lead to integration. If an artist is good no one will care if they’re gay, just look at how many albums Melissa Etheridge has sold, and nobody cared much about Boy George’s sexuality when his music was hot (though everybody knew the guy in the eyeliner and lipstick was playing for the other team). There’s no need to put yourself in a corner in this situation unless you’re starved for attention for being gay rather than for being an artist. Of course Sony might be looking to cash in on the whole Brokeback Mountaining of the entertainment world to help pay off their debts to the 11 million people they gave computer viruses to in 2005.

According to the article on Sony’s gay venture:

Matt Farber, president of Wilderness Media & Entertainment and founder of Logo, the MTV Networks channel targeting gay audiences, compared the concept of a record label focusing on gay artists to that of urban labels formed to nurture rap or hip-hop acts.

Full stop. There’s huge issue in comparing the gay label with Hip-Hop labels. Hip-Hop is a culture where two of our elements are musically based, MCing and DJing, while homosexuality is a culture based on girls liking other girls and guys liking other guys, so the connection really doesn’t exist at all. Of all the opening statements to make Farber fumbled this one big time.

There’s more to the world than gay record labels, though, in Taiwan they’ve created glow in the dark pigs! The scientists, and I’m using that term loosely, claim the glowing pigs will help with stem cell research among other things and if that doesn’t work at least they’ll be able to cook bacon in the dark. Looking at a picture of the pigs they look less like glow in the dark pork chops and more like something out of the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Glow in the dark pigs

Glow in the dark Paris

In closing, some words of advice. One, when tossing a dildo to your sex partner try not to heave it with John Elway-like force and accuracy. And two, getting hit with a hot shrimp in the forehead is a lot better than dying while trying to dodge it. That’s all for today.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:39 PM  
  • At 6:33 AM, Blogger Ketchums said…

    Good shit fam, keep your shit movin...My next few weeks are going to be hectic as well...

    Also, I agree wholeheartedly on the gay record label; in situations like that, there's more of a focus on the artists being gay than the actual music...

    Plus, the lede, "A sex toy landed a local man in court Tuesday." is fucking amazing.

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