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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
With so many lunatics in the world I will never run out of things to talk about.

Yesterday when I logged on the first news item that caught my eye was that a group was pushing for Penn State’s legendary football coach, Joe Paterno, to resign. A year ago tons of people were calling for his head as the program was in shambles, but this year the team was simply amazing, suffering only one loss, and is coming off of a bowl game victory that was nothing short of a classic. So who at this point would be calling for the venerable JoePa to resign? The insane folks at the National Organization of Women (NOW). JoePa made some comments before the bowl game about an FSU player who wasn’t going to be able to play because he’d been sent home after being accused of sexual assault, basically saying it’s a shame he got in trouble and couldn’t close out his career on the field, and NOW took offense. The comment that had the NOW folks up in arms was as follows:

He may not have even known what he was getting into, (A.J.) Nicholson. They knock on the door; somebody may knock on the door; a cute girl knocks on the door. What do you do?

Was it Paterno’s greatest moment? Probably not, but his comments certainly don’t "represent an institutional insensitivity that endangers women" as NOW’s president, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, has been quoted as saying.

Tosti-Vasey and the rest of the "appalled" women over at NOW need to gain a little perspective here. First off, as pointed out on PTI Monday afternoon, if the boosters couldn’t get Paterno to resign when his team was stinkin up the joint there’s no way some non-PSU related entity like NOW is going to do anything to him after a one loss season. More importantly, however, is that, unlike Tosti-Vasey, Paterno has seen REAL discrimination against women in his lifetime. JoePa was born in 1926, only six years after women were granted the right to vote. If you want to talk about things that were offensive to women he was there, he’s seen it for real. I’m not talking about a remark someone may have taken offense to, I’m talking about women not having basic rights. JoePa was there. When people who go that far back in history want to say something offensive it’s never a matter of opinion when it comes out, they know how to say it for real because they’ve seen it for real. Tosti-Vasey should take note, if JoePa wanted to offend you I’m pretty sure he would have gone a much more obvious route.

Staying with the theme of women who are angry for insufficient reasons, we have the formerly buzzworthy Ms. Dynamite, who capped off her birthday party by punching a cop in the face. Apparently the female cop had it comin to her because she didn’t want Ms. Dynamite to kick in the door of the London nightclub the party was being held at. No word on whether or not she carrying a four-four, but we can now rest assured that it really does take more to impress a girl like her.

Speaking of impressive, and women known for hitting things, CNN should be taking a serious look at my resume after their editorial staff managed to misspell Lindsay Lohan’s name on their main page last Wednesday. OK, so she’s no *insert the name of an actress you consider to be wildly famous here*, but calling her Linda!?! I know CNN is supposed to be a hard new station but has no one there seen a copy of any tabloid since 2003?

Time for me to get back to work. I have one interview scheduled for today and I’m busy finalizing another for later in the week. I’m also probably going to finish Roomanitarian by the end of the week and should have a quick review up for it shortly thereafter. Stopping is a concept that never enters my mind.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:41 AM  
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