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Monday, December 12, 2005
You know how inopportune it is to be strapped for cash at the holidays? It really takes some ingenuity when it comes to gift giving. Thankfully I'm well equipped.

The weekend didn’t start with the purchasing of gifts, however, it started, as usual, at Bravo on Thursday night. This past Thursday, however, was especially eventful because we got to be onlookers after the driver of a car on the Post Road decided to try to turn into the library. Now, when I say they decided to turn into the library I don’t mean this person tried to turn into the library’s parking lot, no no, they actually tried to turn into the library. Apparently they signaled as if they were going to make a right then waited about thirty feet too long and turned smack into little lawn area just in front of our fine house of books. The patio area of Bravo provided a bevy on onlookers a perfect view of the situation. The driver then tried to reverse out but their front wheels were stuck. If you want to know the worst place to get in an accident it’s right in that very spot, with a horde of half drunk onlookers there to heckle you. We never found out what happened to the driver after all was said and done, but seven cop cars and two fire trucks later the excitement was over with and we were on our way.

Before the accident I tried my hand with one of the lovely ladies that were at the bar. Talk about no luck whatsoever. I hit on a girl with what I thought was a funny opening line, and my wing man laughed, but she had a look on her face like I had just asked her to do long division. My wing man couldn’t help but laugh at her. It sucked too because she had a really pretty face. Oh well, better luck next time, right?

Friday night’s radio show was very different. I came to the studio expecting to be cut short by men’s basketball, but apparently they were broadcasting a doubleheader so I wasn’t going to be on at all. Thankfully the web studio was open and I jumped at the chance to at least get some spins and conversation in, especially since my boys DJ Halo and The Mystery Man were in the building. It was kind of nice to have a show where I assumed no one was listening because it gave me the opportunity to try out a couple things and work with the format of my show. I’m already getting great positive feedback from people so I know I’m heading in the right direction.

Saturday I headed to the mall to visit a friend and do a little shopping. I found a great picture at the art store but the cashier was taking so long to ring people up that I left for greener pastures. I found another store that had some great gift ideas and picked a few things up. When my boy and I walked back in front of the art store the same people were still in line. I wanted to walk in with my bag and be like "suckers," but I didn’t. Incidentally, is there some rule that that mall has be 90 degrees. I was dying in there.

Last, but certainly not least, for six straight weekdays now I’ve kept pace with my novel in progress and so far so good. I figure I’m about a tenth of the way done at this point so all I really need to do is keep pace for the next three months and everything should be beautiful. Long term goals rock.
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