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Karma Is Beautiful
Friday, December 02, 2005
Karma is a very interesting concept, it’s the idea that a person’s actions determine their fate. The thought is, essentially, if you’re an overall good person you should have good karma and good things should, eventually, happen to you. Of course the same applies for if a person is a bad person doing wrong or cruel things, eventually those things will catch up to them in the form of bad karma and they can expect negative things in their future. I’ve always liked the idea of karma, that one can, by virtue of their own actions, create a sort of aura around them that’s either positive or negative, most of the time without even knowing it. An incident that happened the other day involving a girl I used to like reminded me of this.

I came home from a workout yesterday to find the parking lot of my building filled with half a dozen police cars and a fire truck. There was also an unmarked police car which happened to be in my parking space. I was VERY smart and asked someone if it was part of the boatload of cops that were there before putting a note on it telling them not to park there. Could you imagine the cop coming out and finding some jerk off left a note saying "this is my spot, please don’t park in it?" I scanned the lot to see who else was home and since it was the middle of the day the scan didn’t take long. There were only a handful of cars there, one of them belong to a certain girl who, despite saying nice things to my face, had been pretty awful to me overall. Awful enough for my friends to advise me to stay away from her.

Here’s the quick and dirty, and I know it’s going to make me look like an idiot but this story doesn’t work without some background info, besides, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve ever looked like and idiot. I went out with the girl in question a few times, showed her around town (she was new to the area). I thought things were going well until a series of events happened that showed me some of her true colors. My grandmother was hospitalized, eventually passing away two days before my birthday. This girl told me how bad she felt and how she was there for me and I could call her anytime. Well, while she said I could call her she never actually said she’d answer her phone or return a message, which she never did (I gave up after two messages). After that incident she dissed me on my birthday to apparently go out with some other guy, something she told me about two days after my birthday, not exactly my first choice in a gift. I was pretty heated at this point since she told me the main reason she didn’t want to get heavily involved was because she had just gotten out of a two year relationship and, like a dumbass, I respected that.

I took some time to cool off. It was quite a few weeks before I would speak to her in any way, shape or form. Eventually, however, being the overly nice doofus that I am, I extended a hand once more and sent a quick note saying I knew she had a man but maybe we could get a cup of coffee sometime. My thought process behind this was simply that we live in the same building so we might as well be friends. What I got back was a full page letter from her explaining that the dude was never really her boyfriend, she had recently broke it off with him (I know, that’s contradictory, but so is nearly everything about this girl), she’d love to get together and make a whole afternoon of it, blah blah blah. I said OK, she could call me Saturday morning when she woke up and we’d hang out. Well, I never got a call. After a text and a voicemail message I gave up on her a little after lunchtime. It was at this point that almost all my friends were advising me to leave this girl alone and not talk to her again, no matter how many things I wanted to say to her. To my credit I have kept it all inside, and despite this post most of my feelings regarding the situation are still inside. This is where the karma aspect of things kicks in.

The idea that you reap what you sew came into full effect the other day. When I saw those cop cars I knew someone was in trouble, they only send one for a routine 911 call. I was secretly hoping it was her. I didn’t want anything really bad to happen to her, but finding out she was in a little bit of trouble after all the crap she put me through would put my mind at ease in terms of people getting what they deserve. If I continually saw bad people have good things happen to them I’d really start to wonder why I’ve been making such an effort to be good. Well, from what I heard, and my sources are always good, she was carried out on a stretcher and sent to the hospital. And from what I heard while the police were talking on their radios afterwards there might be more trouble for her in the near future. The girl was back later that night, but in a slightly twisted way it made me feel good to know that her bad karma caught up with her. It also makes me feel really good that my friends could see this coming in advance and advised me to stay away from her. Score one for my peeps!
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