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It Was All A Dream
Thursday, December 08, 2005
I’ve never actually gone through the trouble of writing out one of my dreams. Most of the time I either don’t remember enough about them, or they end up seeming fairly regular and run of the mill. Last night’s REM induced visions, however, were so strange, and so completely off the wall that I felt they merited a complete recap. Seriously, if someone had told me this dream rather than me having it myself I would have thought they had been on some crazy acid trip or had been chewing on shrooms for about a week.

Where I started out in this dream is fairly hazy to me, but I think it was a normal city street. Suddenly I was transported to a desert that with white sand as far as the eye could see with a small shack of sorts in the middle of it all. I walked to the shack, which didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would, and Yoda was there with a lightsaber. There wasn’t a lot of conversation, but he threw me a lightsaber and it was instantly understood that we were to have a duel. I turned on my weapon and it was on. We fought for a while and eventually one clash of the sabers sent me flying backwards, at which point I landed back on the city street where I was before.

A little confused I turned to my right and in-between all the stores of the area was what looked to be a cave setting made of stones and cement. There was a square main floor, with an opening for a door and a window, but no actual door or window, and after 25 feet or so it sloped downward to a gigantic basement. The main floor was filled with Chinese lamps coming down from the ceiling. There must have been ten of them at least. In the window was a beautiful girl with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, model-like eye shadow and fantastic legs that were displayed nicely coming out of her white miniskirt. She looked a little sad. We spoke, she seemed to have low self esteem but was into me in her own unique way.

During my conversation with the girl Danny Bonaduce appeared out of nowhere carrying a large sack filled with hoses. He said hi to me like he knew me and I was like "Danny, what are you doing with all those hoses?" He said something along the lines of "eh, you know," laughed, then headed to the basement area. Confused, I returned to talking with the blonde girl who’s low self esteem became even more evident when she said "I don’t know why you like me." It was at this point that my alarm went off and I woke up.

I’ve had a lot of funky dreams in my day, but this one ranks among the funkiest. I know there are folks out there who think you can read into your dreams, but when the book is that confusing and nonsensical I’m not sure how much one can get out of it. Anyways, just thought I’d share my nighttime lunacy with everyone. Even while sleeping life is weird.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 2:24 PM  
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