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Monday, December 05, 2005
Has anyone else noticed the woman from the Lexus ad where she buys her husband a car after seeing one with a bow on it looks surprisingly similar to the Overstock.com woman? I guess when you buy all your stuff on Overstock.com you can afford a Lexus.

Well, that was an interesting way to start post #250. Anyways, the weekend, despite being slightly chilly, was a good one. Friday night I had my radio show and both DJ Halo and White Lightning joined me in the studio. I was spinning records and we were having a blast until we kept getting told the basketball game could start at any minute (FU was playing the second game of a doubleheader). With the knowledge that we’d be cut into whenever the game started we decided to spend some time talking. This turned into about 20 minutes of talking because the game kept being pushed back. It was some pretty funny stuff, though, as quite a few listeners have told me. We were also joined at one point by three Trumbull High girls who were at FU for a Fairfield Prep dance. They were all dressed nicely and giggled at almost everything we said. It was nice to have them there. Hopefully this Friday we can raise the age and get a few college girls involved.

Friday night after the show I hit a few bars with Halo and his girlfriend. What we found out was that all our normal haunts are VERY different on Fridays, and by different I mean filled with old people. Bravo is normally inhabited by college kids or recent college grads on Thursdays, but on Fridays the average age is upped by about 15 years and that seemed to be the trend wherever we went. We eventually called it a night at around midnight. OK, so I guess we’re getting old, too.

Saturday night one of my homegirls stopped by my place to burn a few of my CDs. We both figured she’d take the three she had in mind and that would be it. Well, she turned on her computer and found out my place is apparently a wi-fi hot spot, and burning CDs was going to be a lot easier than expected. Four hours later she had nearly 400 new songs on her computer and I had seven playlists she’s in the process of burning onto CDs for me. Living in a hot spot definitely has it’s advantages (and you’re damn skippy my next computer will have wi-fi capabilities)!

My weekend was also made a happy one by seeing the Mets acquire Paul LoDuca and possibly Mark Grudzielanek, the Giants beating Dallas and Hofstra wiping the court with Deleware. Things are looking up for my teams (knock on wood).... well, except for the Knicks.

We got our first snow of the year on Saturday night. I awoke on Sunday morning to what looked like something out of a picture postcard. There wasn’t a lot of snow, just enough to cover everything and make the trees look nice. When there’s a lot of snow it looks like another kind of postcard, one that reads "Wish you were here (shoveling)."

I’m working on lining up quite a few interviews this week, namely Master P, Henry Rollins and M-1 of Dead Prez. Last week’s interview with Tough Crowd alum Greg Giraldo was awesome, as expected, and will be in an upcoming issue of Soak.

And finally, I’ve started writing a book, again. It’s not a book on my work in entertainment, it’s a novel. Now, I’ve started writing books in the past and more often than not they’ve turned into short stories, but this time around I feel I have enough abstract concepts to create something in long form. Here’s hoping I can make it happen.
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