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Doping Up
Friday, December 16, 2005
I took a generic brand of DayQuil before going to the gym the other day. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to get off the couch. Does that make it a performance enhancing drug?

Yes I’ve been sick all week and it has not been fun at all. As I said, I’ve essentially doped myself up to get to my daily workouts, but other than that I’ve been fairly useless to the world. I’ve been staying in and taking it easy, which is a good thing since I have my radio show tonight I want to be healthy for it. I’m feeling a lot better this morning so I should be good to go tonight.

Speaking of good to go, the other day I was watching E! and saw an interview with Jennifer Aniston and found out she’s not just another pretty face, she also digs the same video games I dig. The interviewer asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she gave the same answer I would have, the Ms. Pac Man / Galaga stand up video game. Now it should be clear from this that Aniston is a woman of fine taste and superior decision making, plus she, unlike me, actually has the money to spend on the game. My good friend Amy knows of my love for Ms. Pac Man, she once had to suffer at a diner while I played for a half hour on one quarter on the stand up in the little waiting area. Oh there was waiting, waiting for me to kick some ghost ass! (Do ghosts have asses? I suppose so, but do those ghosts have asses? I dunno).

The week, and so far the month’s biggest drawback has been Master P. He has skipped out on not one but two interview days, not just my interview but the entire days worth of interviews. It’s been a weird situation. They apparently call him an hour beforehand, they find him to be completely ready, then come interview time he’s nowhere to be found. Ya know, he’s not that inconspicuous a guy, someone should be able to find him. Oh well. At least I’m hard at work scheduling an interview with Common, who I’ve spoken with before and know is a fantastic interview, plus I have X:144 scheduled as a call-in guest for my radio show tonight.

The writing of my novel is going very well so far. I’m up to around 13,000 words, which, according to NaNoWriMo standards is about 45 pages. Not bad for two week’s work. I’m assuming things will move slower as I get further along, but I’m extremely pleased at the way things are going so far. I have a great plot, an incredibly interesting main character, and a clear direction for where I’m going with it all. Now it’s just time to see if I have the legs to make it through the whole race.

Well, with me being so sick the whole week there really isn’t too much else to report on. Time to hit the gym again and get my playlist ready for tonight.
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