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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
First off I’d like to thank all the real people who’ve been checking out my blog. I specify real because I’ve also received a bit of blog spam (blam?) over the past week. At first it was cute, but now it’s just stupid. Anyways, ya’ll real folks are what keep me doing this, the thought that someone out there actually cares about my opinion and would take the time to read about what’s on my mind, which still amazes me at times. (Oh, and five points to whoever understands my headline). Onto the weekend!

This past weekend was a winner. On Saturday I had a hot date with the most perfect woman on earth.... and it went well! Oh yeah, that’s right, I managed to not say anything stupid for an entire evening. OK, well, that’s really not true, I said one stupid thing, but thankfully it was laughed off, which made my date even more perfect in my eyes.

Saturday evening my date and I hit up two events, the first being Jim Wolf’s show at Bear and Grill in Fairfield. Jim was off the hook and it was great to be at a place where quite a few people knew my name and were coming up to me to say hi. I’m also starting to get that feeling at karaoke night at SBC. It’s a great feeling for me, personally, as having a ton of "hi" people was one of my favorite things about college way back in the day. We all should have "hi" people, these are people that may not know your last name, or hang out with you on a regular basis, but every time you see them, or they see you, out at a bar or wherever, you say hi and have a quick convo. "Hi" people are oftentimes an essential part of a successful night out. You never have to have a deep conversation, nothing negative is ever brought up, just light, nice conversation with someone else who’s cool.

After Jim Wolf’s show we jetted to my boy DJ Halo’s place for his house party. It took a minute to find his spot, but we finally found the place and a good time was had by all, especially us. The turntables were out and a nice selection of records were on the floor, ripe for requesting. Halo is one of the few DJ’s I know of that will go from The Fugees to Johnny Cash, and of course we’re one of the few crowds I know of that would appreciate that.

The night ended nicely, but I have to say my brain is hurting me right now. Every time I get to liking a girl I start to think too much. The old mantra was always "don’t care," which, in reality, meant "don’t care until you know it’s serious." I can see now why that mantra worked so well the past few years, because caring isn’t easy. It’s difficult, it makes you worry, it opens up a Pandora's Box of emotions one might not be ready to, or even want to, deal with. If one were to trace back every relationship I’ve ever had they’d find the majority of them started to fall apart when I started to care. My biggest problem back in the day was developing an attachment too fast, which is why the "don’t care" mantra came to be, and it worked, too, but now I realize that it’s not about not caring, but rather finding what specific level of caring one should be at. There’s first date caring, and then there’s six months into a relationship caring. If you reverse those you’re bound for trouble in both instances.

Of course, then there’s my boy Dyalekt’s advice, which makes the most sense: if she’s diggin you she’s diggin you, so just be you and it will all work out. Dyalekt’s engaged, so there’s really no arguing with that.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:21 PM  
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