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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Saturday, October 08, 2005
No matter how long you’ve been expecting death to come knocking you’re never fully prepared when he finally arrives at your doorstep. You can be setting the table for him every night for a year, and eating dinner wondering where he is, thinking this was going to be the night that he would finally arrive. Despite all this, the moment he shows up it’s still a shock to the system and he’s still, no matter how long one’s been waiting, at least somewhat unwelcome. Someone very close to me has been setting the table for quite a while, and it looks like their dinner guest will be arriving shortly. No matter how long one’s had to come to grips with something like this it can never be defined as "easy." All I can do is hope her journey to heaven is being booked first class and that her next dinner is filled with other loved ones who’ve since passed on. And what a meal that will be.

Rather than simply post about death I will add a paragraph or two about celebrating life. C’mon, I’ve never been one to intentionally bum people out no matter how bummed out I may be personally. For starters, and this one is such a weird thing to start with when it comes to reasons I will occasionally crack a smile even with everything that’s going on in my life, I have a fantastic new cut going down the inside of my forearm near my right wrist. I got it while roughhousing with some much bigger people at the dojo the other day. I didn’t feel it when it happened, but it’s a nice reminder that I do still go out and do things I enjoy. Plus chicks dig scars. ;)

Another reason I can manage a smile today is because Hofstra defeated our arch rivals, Delaware, 10-6, at Delaware, ruining their homecoming. For a while there it seemed we’d hand them yearly beatings in basketball while they’d break our hearts in football, but this year we managed, despite playing with our second string QB and being stuck with officials that were clearly on the Blue Hens’ side, come away with a HUGE road W. I cannot begin to tell you how much I screamed at my television during that game, but the feeling of victory was a great burst of positivity.

Last, but certainly not least, my good friend DJ Status sent me a copy of his latest mix tape (OK, it’s a mix CD, but that sounds gay so I’ll continue to say mix tape until, oh, forever), Return of the Shade. Big ups to Status for putting together a HOT mix tape, and for shouting me out on track 13 (nope, no signs of triskaidekaphobia here!).

That’s all for now. My energy is sapped despite not doing much of anything today. Now if that isn't a sign that I have a lot on my mind I don’t know what is.
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