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The Birthday Bash
Monday, October 17, 2005
Thanks to my boy DJ Halo, his girlfriend, and the scheduling gods at Hofstra University, my 27th birthday was a huge success. Even though my birthday was on Saturday we started the fun on Friday night at Papi Chulo and White Lightning’s house party over at Fairfield U. Did we feel a bit out of place? Yeah, but our two friends from the radio station made us feel at home and welcomed us like we were celebrities, which I know made me feel good. Now if only the girls had welcomed us like we were celebrities, THEN we would have been getting somewhere.

The house party got crowded very quickly so we made our exit relatively early, probably a little past midnight, which is when a trip to Scruples was suggested. Never one to turn down a trip to see naked women, I was all for this. The irony of the strip club is that if you have any self confidence the women won’t go near you because you’re not an easy mark. Well, apparently we were reeking of self confidence, but it still didn’t kill the mood because Halo went up to the DJ and had him announce my birthday. It was done in the classic strip club DJ voice. "Scruples wants to wish a happy birthday to Adam B of In Da Mixx, we’ve got some radio personalities in the house tonight." It cracked us up.

Saturday, my actual birthday, was also Hofstra Homecoming, so we all got in the car and headed down to Long Island for the game. Gotta love a 44-0 rout on homecoming! After the game went to dinner, unsuccessfully tried to pick up the waitress, then headed out for drinks. We overheard some girls talking about going to McHebe’s, and since they were having a hard time figuring out how to use the ATM, we figured they would be the perfect type of people to party with on this night. Thankfully McHebe’s is still McHebe’s. It was great to walk in there and be like, yes, this is home. What wasn’t so great was that the fire department raided the place because there were waaaay too many people in there at once. It was unfortunate because there was one girl who caught my eye for a myriad of reasons, not only was she cute, but she was dressed, how should I put this, quite originally. Blue jeans that stopped mid-calf, a white girlie tee, black high heels and a camouflage cap. Even if she hadn’t been cute, one can’t help but look at that.

After ushering out of the freshly raided McHebe’s we headed to the bar formerly known at Monterey’s (I refuse to call it XS). On the way I wanted to stop in at Popeye’s to use the bathroom, but before I could even get in the door this one dude was like "whoah, I know you." I figured I know a lot of people from around there so maybe he was right, but he followed it up with "you’re the lead singer for that group Weezer!" We cracked up. I gotta start using my resemblance to Rivers Cuomo to pick up women.

We eventually made our way to TBFKAM (the bar formerly known as Monterey’s) and hung out until nearly 2AM, which is when we finally headed home. All in all I have to say it was a great night. I got to spend it with some good friends, got to see a great football game and even got to relive some great Hofstra moments. It was nice to be on Long Island again because even though the students at Hofstra are the same age as the students at Fairfield U, I felt significantly more comfortable with my Hofstra people. Maybe it’s familiarity, but I just got this vibe that was more like "this could be a guy we just haven’t met yet" from the Hofstra students, while the majority of the FU students gave off more of a "we haven’t met and I don’t want to meet you" vibe. Eh, who cares, I love all my people regardless. My birthday rocked!
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