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Sunday Is Sacred Once Again
Monday, September 12, 2005
It’s funny, I always forget how much I love football until that first Sunday of the season when I’m practically rooted to my sofa watching the games. The Jets game was awful and had me constantly flipping back and forth between it and the Saints - Panthers game, which was fantastic. Nothing ranks as high for me, however, as the Giants complete annihilation of the Cardinals, 42-19. Going into the half down 13-7 I wasn’t expecting much but man oh man can Coach Coughlin motivate! I would also like to take this moment to say that I’m already lovin Brandon Jacobs, who in one week has shown more signs of becoming what Ron Dayne should have been than Ron Dayne ever did. As a side note, Jacobs went to Southern Illinois University, so let’s hear it for 1-AA talent!

Oh yeah, and did anyone else notice Hofstra beat up on Albany on Saturday? Go Dutch! (they’re still The Flying Dutchmen to me!)

Speaking or great things, one of my favorite guilty pleasure artists, t.A.T.u., is set to release their sophomore album on October 11th. Yes, that’s right, their second album is due out the same week as my birthday. Coincidence? I think not! OK, so the fact that one of them had a baby and they’re not REALLY lesbian lovers is a bit disappointing, but listening to 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane is still one of the great joys in life. Here’s hoping for a repeat performance!

Life hasn’t been all teenage lesbians and football, I’ve also found some time to explore my town. Sure I’ve lived here for years, but for all those years I’ve been driving everywhere and while driving can get you to a place quickly, you really can’t say you know an area till you’ve investigated it fully by walking the back roads. For instance, while walking to two department stores in search of something I didn’t even find I ended up seeing a a part of town that was right under my nose, but that I’ve rarely ventured to. And here’s a completely useless fact, I can walk to a car wash. Yes, that’s right, if I ever want my undercarriage sprayed with hot wax it’s not a problem.

I will leave you with a very short story from the isles of the grocery store. Last week when I was buying my groceries I threw in a book of crossword puzzles, because I’m a tremendous dork who enjoys a quick mental game. While I was being rung up the girl at the register saw the book and, because it was a paper product, handed it to me so as not to get it mixed in with any of the food. As she handed it to me all I could think of was wow, what better way to say I have some time on my hands than this purchase?

Not a hugely crazy week on tap. I’ve scheduled three artist interviews, but two are on Friday afternoon so the rest of the week is relatively free. Gotta love making your own work schedule.
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