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Friday, September 16, 2005
For starters there was a crazy amount of drama at the radio show this past Tuesday. I have major beef with the guests we had on because they’re feuding with a friend of mine and tried to extort money out of In Da Mixx for playing his music. They had the gall to call me unprofessional while they were the ones attempting things that could land them in prison. I guess I should take unprofessional as a compliment from them being that they felt extortion was valid and professional business tactic. It’s really amazing to see what small time nobodies will do to try to make a name for themselves. Of course, the lesson to be learned for artists is that there are good ways and bad ways of making a name for oneself, and this, most certainly, was a bad way. If anyone can see how pissing off the professional journalist who’s also on the radio every week will be a positive thing for their career let me know.

When it comes to my own career this month will mark a new high for me, the cover of Elemental. Yup yup, a 2,500 word cover story. Of course, with every new high comes a new crossroad, where do I go from here? It’s funny, I can’t just accomplish a goal, I go for it, accomplish it, then think of what I should be doing next. People ask me what my goals are in life and I'm honestly not sure. I try not to carve anything in stone because I feel doing something like that might prevent me from taking a gig that could be potentially fun doing something else. Right now, however, I know it's time to take the next step, whatever and wherever that may be. I like to sorta let life flow and take me where it's going to take me. That being said, I don’t just sit around and watch life go by, I’m extremely proactive in making my life flow, but once flowing I’ll pretty much go wherever looks most interesting.

My interviews this week have been fantastic so far. CunninLynguists were great on Tuesday afternoon with Kno being the more talkative of the two. On the radio later that night Slug of Atmosphere was awesome. He called late so it ended up an interview with me and Halo, but it lasted nearly half an hour. Slug ended up saying the interview was the best part of his night and it was like Beavis and Butthead grew up and got a radio show. He added that he meant that as a compliment and I let him know we most certainly took it as one. Today I have two interviews on tap for the afternoon. I’ve started filling my Friday afternoons with interviews. It feels like one gigantic push of positivity rolling into the weekend. No matter what else has happened, or not happened, during the week, as long as I do an interview right before the weekend starts it feels like I’ve accomplished something.

In funny work out news we were freestyling a bit at the dojo yesterday. Two people would stand up at the front and we could do whatever we want, punch in, knife in, club or grab the person. I decided to try out the full nelson, or as WWE wrestler Chris Masters calls is, The Masterlock. Guess what, The Masterlock can be picked pretty easily, like in two moves. I got a good laugh out of that.

Back to the grind. Currently accepting applicants for inspiration.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:29 AM  
  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said…

    cool post bro. Don't sweat those dudes beefing with you, Karma is a bitch, and that bitch sure is vindictive. Hey, if you want I'll handle those dudes for you, I am not against crossing state lines to thorat-chop some random assholes..lol

    Congrats on you getting the cover story, that's dope. Keep doing your thing man!!

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