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Monday, August 29, 2005
Last night’s episode of Entourage pretty much assured both Jeremy Piven and all the writers of the show will take home Emmys next year. Piven’s portrayal of super-agent Ari Gold has been the role of a lifetime for him and he’s doing it so well Ari now ranks up there with Tony Soprano as one of the most intriguing characters on all of television (is there any surprise two of the best characters on television are on HBO?). He really makes the viewer get emotional over him, which is something incredibly rare on television today, or ever. Give Entourage a few more seasons and Ari Gold will rank as one of the greatest television characters of all-time.

In other news my Friday night was amazing. One person knows why and she rocks. That’s all I’m gonna say about that! I will, however, say more about my Saturday night, which included a trip into Brooklyn with three friends. Basically one friend was getting a ride home, but we turned it into a night out in BK. We hit a small little bar / coffee house that had an old school 40’s type of jazz band playing and grabbed a few drinks. At one point during the evening a gay guy who looked like the missing member of the group Fishbone sat near one of my boys and was giving him the eye like he REALLY wanted to take him home. We were cracking up. I leaned over to my friend and said "I think Fishbone wants you" and he just started laughing.

I actually got quite a bit of work done this weekend, as well. I know, sounds crazy with both my nights being filled with fun but I wrote two articles and got four CD’s listened to (Douja Raze, Smif N Wessun, Speedy and Hope Partlow). Gotta love a weekend where both fun and work can get done. I really feel like I accomplished more this past weekend than I do during most weeks. The only bad thing that happened all weekend was pretty minor, my fantasy baseball season all but ended Sunday morning. I woke up to see two articles waiting for me, one stating Ben Sheets was done for the year and the other implying Zach Duke would also be done for the year. When you lose your two best starters for the rest of the year and the only categories you can gain ground in are pitching categories it’s God’s way of saying focus on football. I was rewarded in the football draft, thankfully, with Tomlinson and Vick, so at least I’m starting the fall on a good note.

This upcoming Tuesday’s In Da Mixx will be VERY interesting as our guest is Young Harden, a former member of New Era Base who is a fantastic performer. I know the NEB guys will be calling in, which should make for some great radio. They’ll also be back in the studio with us in two weeks to tell their side of the story. Both NEB and Young Harden were at The Cut earlier this month and I have some unfortunate news about the show, well, wait a minute, it’s not unfortunate, because the show is still very alive and well and will go on, but it’s just sad because this news shows why some people will never succeed. I was doing the show with a small label in Bridgeport that was trying to get off the ground. The label was essentially using me to boost their Hip-Hop credibility, of which they have none. I didn’t mind because at the time I was friends with them and I figured since it was a partnership we’d all be rewarded somehow. Yeah, this was true until money came into play.

We made a couple bucks at the door last week and they felt I didn’t deserve any of it because, get this, they made the flyers. I booked the acts, I got the DJ’s, I got the sponsors, I was at the club setting everything up before the shows, but they made the flyers so they wanted the lion’s share of the money. Now, bear in mind I wasn’t planning on keeping all of my share for myself, I was planning on paying for the travel of the artists who drove in from NY (one of whom graciously turned it down saying I had done so much for the group that it wasn’t necessary and they couldn’t accept it). I informed the person at the label I was working with that this is a long term thing and that after the next show, which I’d make the flyers for (at a much cheaper price since they were retarded with theirs. Again, this should have been a clear indicator of their poor business sense), we’d split the door 50/50 again and it would be all good. They didn’t have long term vision, however, and had no clue what I was saying.

Music people, or actually ANY people, if your vision for something doesn’t go further than a week, don’t bother. After dealing with the label I was doing The Cut with I can see why they haven’t seen success yet, and probably never well. The moral of the story is simple, short term vision never equates to long term anything, be it money or success. Now that’s one to grow on! LOL!
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