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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Before I get to the weird things I want to share some good news. The issue of Soak Magazine that has my Jerry Ferrara interview in it arrived today and it looks fantastic! Not only did my article get a full two page spread, but they also put a picture of Jerry on the same page as the letter from the editor, which is a huge look. This is going to be a great addition to my clip book. Another gi-normous addition will come next month when issue #71 of Elemental hits newsstands because I will have the COVER STORY of that issue! Yes, September is lookin good. Now onto the strange stuff!

The first piece of strange news I have for ya’ll today comes from something I saw while watching CNN Headline News this morning. Apparently a high school in Arizona has completely done away with textbooks, using laptops instead. In the report on CNN HN it was stated that the school wanted to go textbook free in order to get the kids more involved. Yeah, because I know when I was in high school if I had been given 24 hour access to hardcore pornography school would have been the first thing on my mind (sarcasm). My first thought after seeing the report was, my Lord how crappy will those kids’ eyes feel by the end of four years? I can’t imagine being forced to read that much text on a computer screen. I’d love to find out the percentage of kids from that school that end up needing glasses.

As if that wasn’t a weird enough piece of news I logged on to Yahoo and found one of their top stories of the hour had to do with male body hair. Yes, in an article titled The Male Resistance To Waxing Is Melting Away USA Today reporter Olivia Barker writes about what had to be her worst assignment ever, men getting waxed. Do we really need an excess body hair beat? Seriously, what an awful gig. The part of the article that disturbed me the most was the stat that 60% of the men who go in do so because their wives or girlfriends make the appointment. What better way to say you’re not good enough for me than to set up your mate with an appointment for something that physically alters them. Here’s the deal ladies, if you set your man up with a back waxing session he gets to set you up for breast enhancement surgery. I think Stan Williams of Maxim really summed it up best in this part of the article:

When it comes to his chest, the average man clips it or simply lives with it, Williams says. If it's a source of relationship anxiety, "then why are you with (that person)?"

That’s a perfect maxim from, well, Maxim. How appropriate!

To end things on a positive note my Mets have scored 32 runs in their past two games. Now that’s what I’m talkin about! That’s the kind of run support even Danny "one foot in the" Graves can’t blow.
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