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Five Crazy Nights
Sunday, August 21, 2005
The Cut was insane this past Friday. We packed the Acoustic Cafe, literally having people wall to wall. I think if the fire marshal had come by there would have been an issue, but that’s fine with me because it means the word is spreading. Contraband was the headliner for this show and they tore it down! I’ve known the group for a few years now but this was the first time I’d gotten to see them perform and what an awesome experience. What made it even cooler was that the people in the crowd recognized them and a few even shouted out songs they wanted to hear. This made everyone involved feel damn good.

Possible beef was averted during The Cut, and I’m very thankful for that. One of our acts brought an artist who used to be a member of another group we had on stage that night. The tension was pretty thick when they bumped into each other at the door but everyone handled it like grown men so any potential incident was averted thanks to that lovely thing more beefing artists should look to use, maturity.

Going back a couple days, Tuesday night’s In Da Mixx featured Ill delivering some new slanguage to us in the form of a freestyle. He capped off an amazing 16 bars with the line "WVO F-That!" DJ Halo and I have now overused the phrase and will continue to for quite a while. We were at The Mics of the Roundtable on Wednesday using it all night. Our main reason for being at Mics, however, was to see Dyalekt perform again. I’m glad D is getting more time to shine, he truly deserves it and I’ll do basically anything I can to help facilitate that.

I also headed out on Thursday night (I told you it was five crazy nights) to Southport Brewing Company’s karaoke night. I went with a few friends and it was jam packed. We had no idea WEBE was holding an actual contest. Some of the "singers" who entered were obviously people who sang in the shower and along to the radio and had their friends and / or significant others say "wow you sing well" when in actuality they were just setting up their friends for a letdown once they got on a mic in front of an unbiased audience. We still had fun, regardless, as SBC is the official Thursday night spot.

Last night I went to the Mets game thanks to a free ticket given to me by a homegirl of mine. We headed to Shea to see Pedro pitch in what would end up a tale of two very different games. There was the first six innings, which was a Mets blowout, and the final four, yes four, innings which was a Nationals blowout. Pedro was on last night, and through six inning he hadn’t thrown very many pitches (I think around 70) and the Mets had spotted him an eight run lead thanks to three monster homers. This was when Willie Randolph made a horrible move by pulling Pedro in the bottom of the sixth for a pinch hitter. I understand the idea that you want to protect your ace’s arm, but they should have let him get to 90 pitches before pulling him. Instead we had Kaz Matsui as a pinch hitter who was doubly booed because Kaz isn’t very well liked at this point and the fact that his arrival at the plate meant Pedro was done for the evening didn’t please the crowd. At this point I turned to my friend and said, "just watch us bring in Danny Graves and have him blow this." The top of the seventh saw Danny Graves enter the game.

I have nothing against Danny Graves as a person, but as a pitcher his mechanics have been messed up for the better part of a year now. He needs to spend some time back in the minors. I know that will be difficult to swallow for the former top closer, but he’s simply not getting the job done anymore and he proved it again on Saturday when he didn’t even make it out of the seventh. Graves got rocked and was replaced by Koo who also got rocked. All of a sudden our 8-0 lead was down to 8-6 in the matter of a half an inning. The Mets got a few runners on base in the bottom of the seventh but didn’t score. All in all the seventh inning took forever and really sapped the energy out of the near sell out crowd. The game went from being on about a two hour and fifteen minute pace to a three and a half hour pace in the span of an inning.

Looper was brought in to close out the game in the ninth and promptly gave up two runs. After we scored nothing in the bottom half of the inning we went to the tenth. Pedro Martinez left the game after six innings pitched with an 8-0 lead and was going to be handed a no decision. He should sue the bullpen. Thankfully the Mets won it in the tenth thanks to a Chris Woodward pinch hit game winning RBI, but it was a bad win. This one should have been an 8-0 shut out rather than a 9-8 extra inning victory. The weather was perfect, however, our seats were good, we didn’t hit much traffic either way and we got to see Pedro pitch and the Mets win, so I’d have to say that even though it was a bad win it was still a good night. I will now be spending the next few days recovering from all of this.
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