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Being Everywhere
Friday, August 05, 2005
Last night was a night I had no idea would be as interesting as it was. I had plans for the early evening, but the late evening was up for grabs. One of my boys called me at around nine asking what was up for the night and was I down to go get a drink. With me having no plans I was completely open to doing something rather than nothing so I said yes and we were on our way to a night of bar hopping.

The first bar we hit was O Bar and we left as soon as we got there. O Bar is as cramped as the back of Porsche and oozes all the charm of a botox injection. The emphasis seemed to be on falsehoods as everyone looked like they were trying to be something they weren’t and the amount of phony white folks there was unreal. Thankfully Archie Moore’s was right next door, so we hit that establishment next.

Archie Moore’s always has that classic bar atmosphere. Some young people, some older folks, and the occasional lush. Last night there was one girl there who was especially cute, a blonde rockin a baseball cap and glasses, but one girl does not a night make, so we walked to Skybox.

Skybox sucked. I think when we arrived we damn near doubled the number of people there. We immediately bolted and drove to Southport Brewing Company. The parking lot there was packed, this could only mean one thing, it was karaoke night. My boy and I went in, fought our way to the bar, grabbed a drink and listened to some good, and some very bad, renditions of songs. There was one white dude who made a stab at Juvenile’s "Slow Motion," but ended up sounding more like Guerilla Black than Juvy. We ended up bumping into a few cats we work with and they introduced us to another artist, because, ya know, I’m actually not allowed go anywhere without meeting another artist, that’s the universe’s way of telling me I’m on the right path and I’m doing what I should be in life. Dude was pretty cool, Jim Wolf was his name and I’m listening to his album right now. He’s John Mayer-ish, just a little more plugged in.

While at SBC I also managed to have not one, but TWO people spill parts of drinks on me. I was lucky to miss the shattering glass, though, when one of my friends toasted to something and the glass he was using literally exploded in his hands. It was at around that time we decided were ready to leave. I was damp from dumb girl opening a beer after it had been jostled and both my boy and I had to wake up the next morning. Damned responsibilities.

I’m glad I ended up going out last night, though, because tonight I don’t see myself doing much of anything and tomorrow night I’m going to be watching the live UFC special on Spike. I’m also going to a ballgame this weekend that I have been looking forward to for WEEKS. I can’t wait to sit out in the sun with a beer and a hot dog and enjoy a good game. Live baseball on a good day is pure heaven.
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