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Friday, July 15, 2005
Today should be one heck of a day in the life of Adam. Not only do I have my interview with Jerry Ferrara, Turtle of HBO’s Entourage, but it’s also the first night of my concert series, The Cut! Basically I have the morning and early afternoon to myself then it’s work work work, but the good kind of work, for the rest of the afternoon and night. I’m getting to the bar massively early to set up all the giveaways. Thanks to sponsorships from Elemental Magazine and LIFEbeat I have free magazines, CD’s, T-shirts and condoms to give away. It should really be a great night.

DJ Halo and I hit up The Acoustic Cafe, which is where The Cut will be, on Wednesday night to support a friend’s show and to figure out what we wanted to do in terms of setting the place up. We also spoke with the owner who told us he was listening to our radio shows on Tuesday night, and he wasn’t BSing us because he referenced a few parts of the shows that only someone who was listening would have known. It feels REALLY good to hear that someone important like that is not only listening, but enjoying what he hears.

In other news, I feel bad that I’m going to miss a friend’s show, but there’s just no way to make it. One of my boys is in a version of Little Shop of Horrors but it’s in the middle of nowhere and would take a ridiculous amount of time to get to the theater. The time is one issue, the bigger issue is the price of gas. I gassed up my car yesterday and literally did a double take at the price and looked at the other pumps to see if I had driven to a full service one instead of a self serve. The funny thing is the guy at the next pump was doing the same thing. It should NOT cost $30 to fill up a sedan! Especially on medium grade gas! I’m putting a serious kibosh on driving any kind of distances until the gas prices go back down to a reasonable price. Maybe it’s time I finally learn how to ride a bike, lol.

I’ve been motoring through a couple of books the past few weeks. I figure I could sit around and mope about not being able to figure out where I’m going in life, or I could pick up a book and read for a while. It doesn’t solve any of my problems, but neither does moping. At least by reading a book I stand a chance at bettering myself or holding up my end of an intellectual conversation. My latest book order just came in last weekend so I have five fresh ones sitting on my bookshelf. I’m guessing those should last me till mid-fall.

Well, off I go! A full report on The Cut will be coming later this weekend!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:48 AM  
  • At 6:55 AM, Anonymous A Reader from the UK! said…

    Come on Adam! I need to know how The Cut went! LOL! Good luck with it, I'm hoping it went well, and full details will follow asap...

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