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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
I love starting blog entries with great news and guess what, I have great news to start with! Contraband was featured on BET Nightly News yesterday as their "New Music Tuesday" artist of the week!!! The group is not only one of my fav’s, but they’re also good friends of mine and will be headlining the August 19th The Cut @ The Acoustic Cafe. We turned on the news in the studio last night during In Da Mixx and we all felt really proud for the guys. They truly deserve any accolades thrown their way. Keep up the good work guys!

Today I’ve got an interview scheduled with Adam Pascal of Rent. I’m looking forward to this as it will be a great addition to the clip book. I’m really working on expanding past having just Hip-Hop clips, especially after the awful job interview at VH1. I just found out today from Soak that my Jerry Ferrara interview is going be two full pages in the next issue. I’m totally stoked and can’t wait to let him know.

Health wise I’m doing much better than I was at the time of my last post. I was damn near bedridden for the entire weekend, not my idea of a good time. I felt awful about it, too, because a good friend of mine offered me Mets tickets for Friday night’s game but I was too sick to accept. It’s a good thing I didn’t go, I’m not sure she would have enjoyed me passing out during the game (which I did on my sofa, lol). The only problem I have left is a lingering cough that sounds awful but doesn’t really feel that bad. I still hit the gym on Monday and got my bench press up to 190 (which is even more awesome when you consider the fact that I only weigh 145), so I can’t be that sick.

The one funny thing about being sick this past weekend was that it gave me the chance to see what was in my medicine cabinet. I still have the cold medicine I had back in college. I’m not saying I’m using the same brand, I’m saying I still actually have the same half used bottle of Genovese (yes, I realize they went out of business years ago) brand medicine that I had back in college. The box says it expired in 2002. I remember taking a swig of it a few years back and getting a wicked buzz, but didn’t try it again. Oh it’s still there in my medicine cabinet, and one day I will get crazy enough to try it again.

And since I can’t fit this in anywhere else I just want to close by saying last night the moon was reddish-orange, and it was fucking dope.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 10:49 AM  
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