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Lovin The Night Life
Friday, June 24, 2005
The majority of last night was like a scene out of Entourage for me. I hit up Tony Touch’s album release party, but little did I know when I made the decision to go it would turn into one of those nights of fun where we would end up wondering how on earth we got home. The night actually started with my and one of my boys meeting up and walking to the club. We got into some pretty good discussions along the way, including one where I found out my voice carries even more than I originally thought because the fine girl ahead of us turned around. Our conversations were so good, however, that we forgot what street we were on and just walked up to the first club with a rope. I said I was on the list and they let us in. Thankfully the guy at the rope said "welcome to Crowbar," because my boy and I took one step, looked at each other and said "Crowbar? We’re at the wrong club!"

Once we made it to the correct club, Spirit, we did the mandatory waiting on line everyone, even the press, must do at these kind of events. The line provided one very good story, Roachy the club hopping roach. Yes, that’s right, we were downright bullied by a very large roach who cut ahead of quite a few people in line trying to get in. He acted like he owned the place and quite frankly I wasn’t going to tell him otherwise. No word on whether or not Roachy ever made it in to the club but my guess is that if he decided he wanted to he didn’t have much of a problem making it happen.

After getting patted down I was told to go to the press table to pick up my press pass. I LOVE when events give me press passes, it not only makes it a lot easier to get into certain parts of the club, but it also makes it so I don’t have to keep explaining to people what I’m doing there. My boy and I meandered around for a while but couldn’t manage to get a drink in the VIP area. Knowing we had limited drinking time we went downstairs and, after stoppping by the LIFEbeat table and picking up some free condoms, got two massively overpriced drinks. About a half hour later they finally started serving drinks in the VIP, and they were comped drinks, which made them taste even better. The free margaritas and double shots of Cuervo were coming at us fast and furious and were being served by women so fine they could have offered us just about anything and we would have accepted it.

At around midnight we decided we had to go to catch our respective forms of public transportation, this is when things got really interesting. Apparently we’re both athletic drunks because, despite being more than a little inebriated, we walked from Spirit on 27th and 11th all the way to Port Authority on 42nd and 8th. During the walk we even went to a hot dog place and grabbed a bite to eat. We still have no idea how we ordered that food. I also have no idea how I ended up getting the right trains home. I guess certain things are just so ingrained in your brain that you really can do them without thinking.

I got home at around 3:30 in the morning, went to bed at around 4AM and still managed to get up at around 9AM to get some work done. That last part, the getting up in the morning and being able to get work done after a long night of partying and networking (oh yes, I walked away from the party with two new contacts), is what separates the men from the boys. God I love my job!
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