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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Oh the disappointment. We’ve all felt it. You know the feeling, when one of your favorite shirts doesn't make it through the wash. Sadly, this happened to me earlier today. The strangeness of it all is that it was a new shirt, having only been washed a handful of times. I guess it was not meant to live a long life, either that or there was something funky in Old Navy’s green dye that turned it orange after only a few washings. With one less shirt in an already depleted collection I headed back to Old Navy to pick up a few T’s. Seventeen dollars later I had two new shirts and a new pair of work out shorts. OK, so occasionally a really cool shirt won’t last long, but at those prices it’s still worth it for me to shop there.

I read some potentially great news in something called Tasty Clips, and email newsletter that just seems to arrive in my inbox without any provocation. The news is regarding one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, Pootie Tang.

Chris Rock recently told Echo Online that he's been considering a sequel to his cult film, Pootie Tang. "We keep talking about it. I don't know, man. Start a club. Get some people to sign a petition. It's weird. There are some people who love [the film] and then there are other people who hate [it] with a passion and want to destroy Mr. Tang. But I would love to do another Pootie Tang. I live to do another Pootie Tang. So it could happen."

Any time I hear there’s even the slightest chance that I’ll get to see another Pootie Tang movie it makes me happy. The first Pootie Tang was a classic (though I’m still waiting for a special edition DVD with Pootie doing the commentary!), so Rock, if you’re reading this (and I know you gotta be because celebrities just LOVE reading about regular folk, lol), PLEASE make a second Pootie Tang movie!

I’d like to say there’s more going on in my life right now but there isn’t. The flyers for The Cut are coming along nicely. The guy who we’re having do them is a genius with the art programs and I’m always psyched to see another attachment from him in my inbox because each time he tweaks the flyer it looks better and better. In my mind the show is already at least partially a success because of the people we’re working with. Of course, having a full house would be nice, too (especially beautiful people, we really want beautiful people in the house, lol).

Thursday night it looks like I’ll be in the city at Tony Touch’s ReggaeTony album release party / AIDS awareness benefit show. From what I’ve been told it’s actually going to start at a reasonable hour (knock on wood), which would be a welcome change from most shows I attend. Since Tony Toca’s show is going to have a strong emphasis on Reggaeton the club should be packed and I hope to make a few good connections during the evening.

Oh yeah, and in closing, if my Mets sucked any harder we’d qualify for amateur porn. I haven’t jumped on the "Fire Willie" bandwagon yet, but if this road trip gets any worse we’re going to have to do something. Batting Wright so low in the order is a mistake, and having Jae Seo in AAA and Aaron Heilman in our bullpen rather than starting is just plain stupid. I think there are a lot of simple things we could be doing as a team and as an organization that we’re either ignoring, or simply blind to. It’s time to step it up because we all know the Braves are going to make their annual run at the division title after the all-star break and if we’re not right up there with them it’ll be just plain sad.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 4:05 PM  
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