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I Told You So!
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
OK, I have to start out by reminding everyone that during the entire Michael Jackson trial I was telling anyone who would listen that he was innocent and to just leave him alone. Turns out a jury agrees with me on at least half of that statement. MJ was found Not Guilty, but by the end of the trail it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that he didn’t molest the kid. At this point I think as a society we have to man up and do the right thing. A lot of people think MJ is a child molester, personally I don’t, but with that assumption in the air, an assumption that was created by trails such as these where, even though he was found innocent, the charges of assumed guilt still linger, I think we’ve gotta throw him a kid. I don’t think he’d be interested, but let him play proctologist with an eight year old if he wants to. After all we’ve put him through it’s the least we can do.

Yesterday involved a lot more than just celebrating Michael’s innocence, however, I also hit up the Connex List party in NYC. I knew I’d see my friend Conscious there, and I knew my boy DJ Halo would be in the building, but I had no idea Hushh would be at the event, too! I also bumped into a few other people I knew, it was pretty cool having so many good people know who I am and having so many friends in the house. The party was to debut the latest issue of the magazine, #18 with my Styles P interview being the cover story. Heather Hunter was there and Yes, I got a great picture with her.

Proving that we’re all getting a little older and more mature, we knew it was a Monday night and wanted to get home at a reasonable hour so we bounced from the party pretty early. Basically we made an appearance, said hi to a few people, kicked it for a bit and left. No need to stay too long at any event lest people think you have no place better to go. Thankfully Hushh had driven into the city in the morning and offered me and Halo a ride back (no, they didn’t dogg Conscious, he lives in the city). The ride back saved us a full hour which was fantastic because I had to wake up early to get my car to the mechanic this morning (nothing major, just noisy).

Another highlight of the night came as we were leaving the club and a random guy walked up to Hushh and said he had seen them in XXL. We were all pretty hyped by that. I piped up like a dork and said "Hey I wrote that article!" I think they gave the guy a copy of their album, which was nice. It’s also fantastic to find out people are actually reading my work.

Monday was also my chest and bi’s day at the gym and a random person gave me the nicest compliment. Apparently this middle aged guy had been working out next to me when I was doing my bench and afterwards he asked me how much I weighed. I told him 140-145. He replied that I was benching a very impressive amount of weight for my size. I top out (do my last set) at 170 and he was saying how very few people can bench their body weight and the fact that I can bench significantly more than my own body weight is something I should be proud of. I thanked him and let him know it’s good to hear things like that because when you see some of the larger dudes lifting what seems to be cars and houses on the bench it sometimes gets a little depressing. Also, watching pro wrestling doesn’t do much for the ol’ body image. It’s good to know that for my size I’m one kick ass lifter!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 3:58 PM  
  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    I never thought that Michael Jackson did it,so I'm also happy with the jury's decision.Would have been something else to see him in jail though,huh?No wigs,make-up,or plastic surgeons there.

    Ha,I feel motivated to join a gym now.I can't even lift half my body weight.

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