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Religious Experience Via Litter
Thursday, May 05, 2005
Today seemed like a pretty normal day, but things rarely stay normal in my world. It was close to noon and I was already at the dojo for karate class when a woman came into the building shouting about a burning bush. I’ve got to be honest, though it may not have been the first thing to cross my mind I wondered if it was just some religious zealot trying to make coded references about the end of humanity. OK, I’m jaded, but I admit to it, so let’s all move on and continue with the story.

Anyways, I walked outside and there was, in fact, a bush that was on fire right next to the building, and when I say right next to the building I mean we were only a couple minutes away from the building catching fire. After calling the fire department, which was useless, someone grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. The fire department and police showed up around ten minutes later. Bear in mind where we were was less than a five minute WALK from the police station. I’ve never been a fan of our police department but it’s not like they’ve done anything to warrant any kind of respect. Showing up ten minutes after the fact is like when a school calls on the janitor to clean up after a food fight. Oh yeah, and the cause of the fire? Our guess is some lazy-ass smoker who flicked their cigarette into the bushes rather than put it out in the cigarette stand RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! Stupid smokers. I thought smoking caused cancer not mental retardation. No, wait, I take that back, a mentally retarded person wouldn’t flick a cig into a bush, they know better.

Not everything this week has been fiery blazes, I’ve actually spent a good amount of time at my desk getting work done. This week I interviewed Disco D, Sara Stokes (formerly of Bad Boy’s Da Band), Bad Boy South’s latest addition Boyz N Da Hood and pop songstress Natalie. I also got contact info for a few more mags and began pitching them at a feverish pace. Right now I have eleven interviews I’m trying to get placed and I’m scheduling a few more for the end of the month so I am most definitely on my grind. I was actually up till two in the morning last night writing up a story for a publication. Sleep is for the weak!

The lone work aspect of life that’s getting mildly depressing is that DJ Cue and I seem to be a little apathetic about In Da Mixx. WVOF seems to be doing everything they can to make us feel that way, though. Whenever we come to do the show the music library is locked, so even if we wanted to pull a CD to play we can’t, and now the back studio is locked, meaning we can’t even teach ourselves Pro-Tools in the back before the show anymore. Add to that the fact that they never bounce our prerecorded shows to the server and we’re starting to get a little disillusioned. We’re not asking for the world, just a little more respect than we’re getting. It’s not like we’re getting paid to do the show, if we were they could lock all the doors they wanted as long as we got paid, so showing us some support would be a nice boost for us. Without that support it almost feels like we’re wasting our time. I keep hoping someone will notice our show and hire us for a paid gig, but more and more it’s looking like that’s a pipe dream rather than a possibility. That’s obviously no reason to stop doing the show, but with that reality in mind it would be nice if the station we’re on could at least have our backs.

I hope to get out and have a little fun this weekend. I know I have a lot of articles to write up but I need one night, be it Friday or Saturday, where I can just chill out and have some mindless fun. I love my work, but it would be nice to say I was up till two am and have a story about a female that goes along with it.

Fantasy Update: I’ve been fielding more horrendous trade offers from our league’s resident retarded GM. We have one guy who just loves offering bad trades but he’s been especially out of control of late. I flamed him on the message board so hopefully he gets the point and stops. I did, however, make a few moves of my own and they were all for my pitching staff. It’s funny, pitching is the part of fantasy baseball I always end up playing with the most. There always seems to be new starters and new relievers popping up every year that can all of a sudden contribute to a nice run in the standings. I’ve already talked about how much I love my pick up of Derrick Turnbow, who’d been a Godsend for anyone who owns him, and this week I’ve attempted to add to that. Jose Valverde came off the DL and was immediately inserted into my lineup and though Heath Bell was doing alright I cut him in favor of Roberto Hernandez. After another shaky outing by Looper I see Hernandez as the Mets next best option at closer and I’m hoping to see him get some vulture saves. He’s already notched two wins and is constantly called upon in close games. That was my main issue with Bell, nearly every game he came into was a laugher, no chance for a win or a save. At least with Hernandez I’ll get some solid opportunities. Same goes for Valverde.
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