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Friday, May 13, 2005
Though I thought this week would be far less hectic than the last I still ended up doing three interviews and pitching stories like some sort of frantic mad man. The good news is I must be doing something right on a lot of fronts. For starters all three of the artists I interviewed this week, Prince Paul, Afu-Ra and Chino XL, all wanted to exchange info, so I know, at the very least, the artists I’m interviewing and writing about seriously respect my work. I also sold one of my articles as my Young Jeezy interview will be the COVER STORY for an upcoming issue of Don Diva. That will be a huge clip for me as their cover stories are four page features. I’m really looking forward to seeing the issue when it’s ready.

Speaking of seeing things, apparently I was the last person on earth to find out Vida Guerra had some naked web cam pics on the net. The sad thing is, despite the fact that she’s gorgeous, the pics in question lower my opinion of her. Before she was a hot model, a very hot model, but her pics are in such familiar web cam poses that she’s slowly turning into just another hot girl who gets drunk and does something dumb on her web cam. Yeah, it’s Vida, so it’s a little more interesting than a normal woman, but it’s really no different than what a DimesOnly ho would show the world after coming home plastered at 3AM.

Somehow, and Lord only knows how, I managed to find time this week to finish Mara Leveritt’s book on the West Memphis Three, Devil’s Knot. Despite the book’s length, 350 pages, and the amount of legal proceedings it talks about, it’s not a difficult read as the story is so shocking that you can’t put it down. The fact that three young men have been forced to spend over a third of their lives in jail for a crime that there’s no evidence directly linking them to is both saddening and frightening. It shows that something like this really can happen to anyone and Leveritt’s poignant point about the aftermath of 9/11 and how some of our hysteria regarding terrorism is much like the hysteria in the case regarding the occult illustrates a dangerous trend. One can substitute any word that may get people riled up due to time and place, be it terrorism, occult, or anything else potentially controversial, and the implications are obvious. If you find a way to fall into a category that people are afraid of, whether they’re right about the implication or not, you’re guilty until proven innocent. In the case of the West Memphis Three they pulled library records to try to show one teenager’s supposed involvement in the occult. Could you imagine, as Leveritt openly questions at the end of the book, being brought up for a trail, having your library records pulled, having them show you took out a book on Islam and suddenly being assumed to be a terrorist? These are scary concepts, but concepts we all must be wary of. Heck, I’m probably already on someone’s secret list just for buying the book and now writing about it.

Fantasy Update: Trading can be a major aspect of any fantasy league. In our league we have one particular person who puts out awful trade offers on a daily basis to nearly every team. He recently pulled a trade off, though, and it’s going to hurt his team significantly. You see there’s trading to improve your team, which is what this person was trying to do at first, then there’s trading for the sake of trading, which is what he ended up doing. Trading for the sake of trading is always a bad idea. You could see the downward progression of his offers. They went from being ridiculously in his favor, to being slightly more reasonable, to being outright in the other team’s favor. My advice to all fantasy baseball players is that you don’t always have to conceive of a counter offer, especially if what’s being offered doesn’t interest you. Don’t counter offer because someone else wants your players, counter offer because someone you want has been offered to you. If you start making offers based on what other people want you’re bound to get burned but if someone offers you a player you’d like making a reasonable counter offer makes sense. Then, if nothing can be worked out at that point in time, let it slide. You shouldn’t let the idea of "so and so wants this guy" turn into "I have to get rid of this guy," and you especially shouldn't let it turn into "I’m going to trade this guy to someone else just to show that other owner up!" With ideas like that floating in your head you’re bound to get ripped off. Remember, there’s no rule that says you have to trade and if you weren’t thinking of one to begin with you shouldn’t let another owner influence you into making one.
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