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Hard Luck Hardy
Sunday, April 17, 2005
Any time you think you have it bad just think of former WWE wrestler Matt Hardy. A few years ago Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff were a wildly successful tag team in the WWE. Jeff got fired, but Matt stuck around and became a mid-card star. After a series of squash matches with Kane Matt got injured and needed knee surgery. No big deal, right? Well, while Matt was rehabbing his knee his girlfriend, fellow WWE wrestler Lita, went creepin, and she didn’t go very far. Lita ended up hooking up with another wrestler, Edge, who had just gotten married for the second time (and I assume will be getting divorced for the second time very shortly, as well). You’d think this would be bad enough, right? Well, it gets a lot worse.

At Wrestlemania Edge won a "Money In The Bank" match that elevated him to main event title contender status. At this point Hardy had gotten injured, lost his girl, and watched the already married guy who stole his girl get a title match. Again, this would be enough to sink any normal human into a depression, but oh no, there was even more to this crap storm for poor Matt. Not long after Wrestlemania Matt got his walking papers, that's right, after all he went through the WWE released Matt Hardy. So anytime you start feeling sorry for yourself, just think of Matt Hardy, who will hopefully turn up in TNA sometime soon. For anyone who wants a more in depth version of Matt’s story check out this link to liveaudiowrestling.com.

With that kind of story in your head, or any story for that matter, it makes it kind of hard to take Terrell Owens seriously when he crys about his $49 million dollar contract on national TV. I’m a huge T.O. fan, and I feel he’s the best wide receiver in the game, but Terrell, buddy, you’re starting to sound like Sprewell when he said he couldn’t feed his family on the $10 million a year he was getting. To paraphrase Tony Kornhieser of PTI, "what are their kids eating!?!?" In fact, not only do I want to know what they’re eating, but can they pass me a diamond lined platinum plate and let me have a taste?

Not a lot to report on from the weekend. I finished Survivor, which was fantastic, on Saturday, and I highly recommend it to everyone. The night before I went out with a friend, had a few drinks, talked with some cool people. I inadvertently won a CD at Southport Brewing Company when singer / guitarist Christopher Robin finished his set and I felt like clownin around so I yelled (in a civil tone) "Freebird!" He said he really thought he’d finally get through a set without hearing someone yell that, but since I said it I’d won myself a free CD. It was actually pretty funny. There were a few good looking women at the bar, one of whom even found her way to us, but there was also a small group of people who looked seriously too young to be drinking anything harder than soda. The girls in that particular group looked like high schoolers and the guys looked like they still had their baby fat. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Fantasy Update: The past couple days have been rough on my pitchers. Having back to back days where I had pitchers facing each other produced nothing but an inflated ERA and WHIP. Today I had three of my starting pitchers going and so far I’ve gotten one win, one no decision and I have one man still on the mound. At least with Marquis and Halsey my WHIP has been helped out significantly. In reality this is nothing to worry about yet. I try not to worry about the standings till around the All-Star break. Unless you’re in last pretty much anyone can make a push for first if they make the right post All-Star break moves. I knew pitching would be an issue with my team but at this point I think that when Brad Penny comes back I should have my rotation set and it’ll look pretty nice (Penny, Marquis, Hampton, H. Ramirez and Backe with Remlinger and M. Adams as relievers). Yeah, I know I could use more saves, but that’s a fairly popular sentiment all around. I could also use more steals (technically any steals), but that will be something I’ll have to trade for.
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