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The Buddy System
Sunday, April 03, 2005
First off I just want to say real friends deal with potentially difficult situations easily. A few weeks ago a friend and I got into an argument. I think it was fairly major for him since it involved his girlfriend. Well, he rolled through today, we watched some baseball, grunted a few times, and everything was resolved. That’s what real friends do. I’m pretty sure women go through a lot more when trying to resolve a situation, which is another reminder of why I’m glad I’m a guy.

It seems that the more people I link up with from my past the better and better my weekends become and this weekend was no exception. Last time out it was the grade school peeps, this time around it was some high school peeps. I honestly forgot how much I enjoy spending time with these cats, thankfully last night I got a reminder when I was asked to draft someone’s fantasy baseball team for them. First of, this is a hell of a responsibility! I had this dude’s entire fantasy fate in my hands. Not only that, it was my first auction style draft. I think I did pretty well, my prime indicator being that they want me to have an expansion team next year. OK, I know that was quite a digression from the topic at hand, so as I was saying, hangin with the old crews is a great feeling, and it’s great to have people you know in and around town.

Getting to my boy’s krib involved a new experience. Of course I’d been there before, but I’d never been there in my brand new car, which I got hooked up with earlier in the afternoon! The ride is pimpin and it rides like a dream. The only thing I have to worry about on the roads is that it has a very fast pickup. I got on I-95 and didn’t even realize I was going 85 MPH until I looked down and went "holy shit!"

Sunday was spent doing a rewrite of one of my XXL articles. My editor called me up on Friday night and I told him I’d have it for him on Monday. I’m a workaholic when it comes to deadlines and I pride myself on having all my work in early. This is something I started near the end of my college career when I suddenly realized handing in all my major papers early meant I could party all night long completely guilt free and not having to worry about way lay ahead of me the next day. That’s not the reasoning for why I beat all my deadlines now, but it’s what started the trend. See, alcohol can be a positive influence! HA!

The other day the issue of Elemental with my Copperpot interview finally arrived, which is good because Copperpot emailed me earlier in the week to tell me he liked the article and I had to reply that I hadn’t even seen the finished product yet! LOL! Also arriving was the Right On with my 50 Cent interview, which hits newsstands later this week. Right On actually gave me a full three page spread for the interview and it looks fantastic. There’s a great Hofstra connection with the pictures, too, because Olivia is in some of them and we went to Hofstra at the same time. Hofstra Pride, baby!

Fantasy Update: FINALLY, teams are using their disabled lists! Brady Penny and Luke Hudson have been DLed by their respective teams meaning I can now DL them and pick up some temporary replacements. Thankfully I hit the waiver wire early this morning, beating most everyone else to the punch when it comes to filling DL slots. I started by picking up Arizona’s injured closer Jose Valverde. I know what some of you may be thinking, "Adam, why are you picking up and inured pitcher when you already have two injured pitchers?" Well, I’m glad you asked! I picked up Valverde because I could do it without dropping anyone since I had two roster slots open after placing Penny and Hudson and on the DL and once I put Valverde on my roster I immediately put him on the DL, too, making it so I still had two open roster slots. I filled those slots with Colorado outfielder Brad Hawpe and Phillies starter Gavin Floyd. My hope for Valverde is that he comes back fast and gets me some saves. Floyd is supposed to have great stuff and could net me a lot of K’s and Hawpe, well, it never hurts to add a guy who could end up starting in the Rockies outfield. Hawpe also acts as insurance for Preston Wilson in case Wilson gets injured again.

The one thing about the DL is that it’s actually trickier than most people think. It’s not as simple as just picking up a replacement because if the replacement does well you end up in a quandary as to who to drop once your injured player becomes healthy. This is why I have a list in my head of which players on my team I’ll drop first. Since I put three players on the DL today I already have three players in mind that I’m ready to drop when my injured players are ready to play. Of course, that list can change based on performance, but it usually doesn’t. My only other roster move today was putting in Khalil Greene for Pedro Feliz at SS. This is only because Greene is starting his season on the road at Colorado.

Stat Attack: Carlos Lee has seven round trippers this spring. If the Brewers can find a way to get some people on base ahead of him he’s going to have a monster year (and, in turn, so will The Black Rock Bull Doziers!).

Trade Offers I've Rejected So Far: One
posted by Adam Bernard @ 9:58 PM  
  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said…

    You are so right, male friendships are so different from female friendships. Me and my boy can be in the car for hours and not say a word, and that's ok. If I am in a car with a female, whether it be a girlfriend or a homegirl, they ask "what's wrong?", and feel the need to fill in the dead air with conversation.. Cool post, dope blog.

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Adam said…

    Thanks man! Yeah, I've noticed a lot of women seem to think silence means something's either wrong or something's brewing. The worst is when they think we're thinking. "What are you thinking about?" When we tell them the truth, "Nothing," it always results in an argument. LOL. That being said, we definitely can't live without 'em.

    You heard me ladies, I love ya'll!

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