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Thursday, March 31, 2005
First and foremost, I placed two more stories in XXL this week! I’m not sure when the issue they’ll be in will be hitting newsstands, but I’ll post as soon as I find out. In the meantime, those interested in reading my work can pick up the current issue of XXL (Fat Joe or T.I. on the cover), which features a small article of mine in the 360 section on Subliminal, or the current issue of Elemental (#67), which features my Copperpot interview. On April 5th the issue of Right On with my 50 Cent interview hits newsstands and later that month Elemental #68 will feature THREE of my stories. I’m still not sure what’s up with the issues of RIME I’m in. They should be on newsstands but I haven’t seen a copy yet. They’re supposed to be mailing me out copies this week so hopefully I’ll have something to report on when it comes to that in the very near future.

Staying in music, anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Fresh Prince fan, so I was stoked to see Will’s latest release in my mailbox this week. I fully expect it to be in my CD player for a long while. I already have "Mr. Niceguy" on repeat. It would probably be in Eminem’s best interest to not respond being that he’d get embarrassed by Will in a real freestyle battle. A friend and I were talking about this earlier in the day and though people claim Will is soft he had quite a rep in Philly back in the day as a battle MC and was one of the first MC’s to put funny punchlines in his rhymes. I also have the utmost respect for his work being that he doesn’t have to put out albums anymore. Will could easily live off his movie money so every album he comes out with now is strictly for the love of Hip-Hop. You’ve got to give him props for that.

My American Idol predictions have been pretty good so far. I’m still a little surprised Scott Savol hasn’t been voted off yet. He’s proven he’s got the weakest voice of the remaining contestants but must have a serious fan base of callers. I’m also left scratching my head over the fact that Nadia Turner ends up in the bottom three each week. I think she’s better than quite a few of those who remain safe on a regular basis. Props to Nikko Smith for performing one of my personal favorite songs of all time, Tevin Campbell’s "Can We Talk." He should have included the line about the girl being a roni, though, just to confuse those who aren’t up on their early 90’s slang.

A quick FYI, from now on every post I do will include a sometimes lengthly fantasy update. This is basically my way of sharing news on my fantasy baseball team, The Black Rock Bull Doziers, and any thoughts I have regarding the game. I know some may ask "why," but the simple answer is "because I love talking sports!"

Fantasy Update: The Astros have an interesting situation going on with second baseman Chris Burke. The latest I’m hearing is that if he doesn’t win the starting job at second base they’re going to option him to the minors. This makes sense in that I’m sure they would much rather give him at bats and playing time than have him sit on the bench, but for my fantasy team it would be optimal for Burke to be in Houston playing second. He already has four steals this spring and I could really use the speed. As of now I’ve inserted him in at MI in place of Khalil Greene who, if all goes well, would make tremendous trade bait being that I already have Pedro Feliz at SS.

Another issue I’m having right now deals with teams not placing injured players on the DL. The Dodgers "expect" Brad Penny to start on the year on the DL and it’s "likely" Luke Hudson of the Reds will start the year on the DL. Of course, neither team has DLed those players so I can’t pick anyone up for them in the meantime.

Speaking of pickups, I had to personally thank the team that wasted it’s number one waiver wire spot in the preseason to pick up Jose Acevedo, who they later dropped. That waiver wire move gives me the current number one spot. This basically means whenever a player is traded from the AL to the NL I get first dibs (until I actually pick one up, then I shoot back down to 12 on the waiver wire list). I could have used my waiver wire spot to pick up Barry Bonds, who was dropped by his owner, but ignoring the name, Bonds is a 40+ year old aging player who’s coming off of double knee surgeries, not exactly the type of guy you can count on for production.

When it comes to production could this be a breakout season for former Met Ty Wigginton? Now a Pirate thanks to the Kris Benson trade, Wiggy (my ninth round selection and starting second sacker) is tearin it up this spring. Will this be another one of the players we (The Mets) end up regretting giving up (Lenny Dykstra, Jeff Kent, Izzy, Preston Wilson, etc.)?

Stat Attack: Horacio Ramirez, Atlanta Braves: 21 IP, 14 Hits, 3 BB, 17 K, 2.14 ERA. You know I’m lovin those numbers out of my 12th round pick.

Trade Offers I’ve Rejected So Far: 1 (expect that number to skyrocket as the year goes on)
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:59 PM  
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