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Idol Predictions
Saturday, March 12, 2005
For my American Idol predictions I have grouped off the twelve remaining contestants into four categories. Let’s start with the one’s I feel will be making their exits from the show sooner rather than later.

First out

Lindsey Cardinale 20: Simon compared her to Ryan Seacrest on the last show saying she had everything but still comes off as disappointing. The jab may have inspired some people to vote her through to this round but I can’t see her going much further because Simon is right, when Lindsey is on stage she can sing but she’s definitely missing the "it" factor it takes to be a star.

Scott Savol, 28: With much respect to Scott Savol, who I feel can sing and is inspirational to all those who don’t necessarily look the part, he doesn’t deserve to be here. His spot should be occupied by Nikko Smith. Ironically, in a conversation earlier in the week I predicted that Nikko and Anwar might take votes away from each other, looks like it happened sooner rather than later and Nikko got the short end of the stick. Savol may last another week, but not much longer.

Constantine Maroulis, 29: I was rooting for this guy after he left his band. He has the stage presence and the charisma of a star, which has been enough so far, unfortunately he hasn't shown he has the pipes to compete at this stage of the competition. Even if he leaves early, however, I’m sure his band will welcome him back with open arms, as he just got them more free publicity than any gig they’ve ever played.

The Next To Go

Vonzell Solomon, 20: Good voice, and in past seasons she may have ranked higher but with the raised age limit, which I think has really raised the bar in terms of talent, Vonzell will be fighting for her Idol life very shortly. She may not even deserve to go this early, but Nadia Turner, who is a powerhouse, will steal plenty of votes from her.

Mikalah Gordon, 17: The young girl with the big voice and playful attitude. I gotta say I like the Vegas native as a person and even as a singer. I think her voice is unique, but I’m not sure how well she’ll adjust to all the styles she’ll be asked to do. I see Mikalah as perfectly suited for a smoky jazz club rather than the pop music scene. Expect her to be in the second group of contestants to leave simply due to the inablity to adapt.

Jessica Sierra, 19: Jessica got rave reviews her last time out but there’s still something about her that’s missing. She’s a lot like Lindsey except with a bigger voice and more of a personality. I think her voice will get her far in the competition, but she’s just not quite on the level of the top six.

The Second Tier

Anthony Federov, 19: Federov is an inspiring story, and has a fantastic voice. Much like Vonzell, in past seasons he’d probably be bumped up a category, but this is 2005 and despite obvious talent he might not be talented enough to win this competition. His babyface, of all things, might be his eventual downfall as many songs will not sound believable coming from him. This has already been a problem once and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a blatantly adult lyric or two be the thing that trips him up.

Mario Vazquez, 27: He sings like Justin Timberlake and is a fantastic performer. The only things that will bring him down are that his voice isn’t the best in the competition and he looks a little too much like former Idol runner up Justin Guarini and comparisons are bound to have an adverse affect being that Guarini couldn’t even sell his album to family members.

Carrie Underwood, 21: The cute blonde with the country twang will go far in this competition based on voice alone. Even when she selects a song that might not be suited for her she still pulls it off. The lone concern I have about her is that on the final show she stated she would try to make whatever song she sings a little country. Does this mean we’ll hear country inflected disco? Regardless, Carrie or the about to be mentioned Nadia Turner will be the final girl standing.

Nadia Turner, 28: I really dig Nadia. I think she has the sexiest hair in the competition and a fantastic voice. Nadia also has a great ability to select the songs that suit her best. She’ll last for quite a while in this competition and will only leave because other people are great, not because she will have faltered in any way. By the time she’s eliminated she’ll be well on her way to a singing career.

The Front Runners

Bo Bice, 29: The rockers bring a whole new element to the competition and Bice brings that element to another level. Not only does he look the part and sound the part, he loves the part and is the part. When he’s on stage he’s not just a guy singing a song, the song takes him over and he becomes the song. His stage presence is top notch and his song selection is, too. Bice will get every rock vote and the higher the ratings go for that demographic the more votes he’ll get. The rock world, as well as the many girls who want a guy that will piss off their parents, loves Bo Bice, and they should!

Anwar Robinson, 25: This is almost unfair. Anwar, a music teacher with one of the best voices the competition has ever laid ears on, should run away with this. Every song he selects is perfect for him and you can tell he loves performing. Being that he’s a music teacher he knows music so he won’t get flustered by any of the styles they throw at him, heck he probably teaches most of them. The ironic thing about Anwar is that, based on what he’s already shown us, he doesn’t even need the competition anymore. Even if he dropped out today he’d have multiple record executives racing to his door. All these qualities make Anwar my favorite to be this season’s American Idol.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 1:07 PM  
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