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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Man oh man did I make a promise last night that’s gonna result in some interesting radio. Before In Da Mixx DJ Cue and I usually chill out in the studio with the guys from The Jump Off, which is the show before ours. I had commented to them that they hadn’t rhymed on air in a while. Well, one thing led to another and Cue and I ended up saying we’d join in if they spit next week. So if you’re a fan of In Da Mixx and want to hear me kick a freestyle and Cue sing a hook or two tune in about a half hour early. It’s going to be crazy and, more than likely, a lot of fun.

The freestyle promise is definitely an example of me being me, doing whatever it takes to have a good time all in the name of fun. Last weekend, however, my idea of fun didn’t coincide with what some friends of mine wanted to do... and they got mad at me for it. One of my boys was coming up from NY to meet his girl and they wanted to meet up with a few people for dinner and drinks. I told them I’d meet for drinks but not dinner, of course this was with the assumption that it would all be at a reasonable hour. I’m not in college anymore and I’m not afraid to admit it. Last week I had multiple events for work and was out past midnight three nights, and out till nearly 4AM one of those nights. Needless to say I was tired but willing to make an effort, a tiny effort, but an effort.

Fast forward to Saturday night, I’m chillin out waiting to hear what the plans are, but the waiting was starting to get on my nerves. Once it got till about a quarter to 11PM I was really wondering if my friend had even made it to CT so I decided to give him a ring. Well, he’d made it, albeit very late, and forgot to let me know. I heard from him again at around 11:30PM, this is when he finally let me know which bar they were at. I told him I was going to take a raincheck, it was getting too late for me to get dressed and head out. A few days later I found myself fielding questions like I had just committed the worst crime on earth. Apparently people not only felt blown off, but they refused to stop feeling blown off and managed to work older feelings of offense from months, even years, prior into the equation! In my book you’re only as offended as you let yourself be, so obviously part of them wanted to feel offended, but to me this was nonsense. I understand that my work life is one very few can comprehend in terms of hours, but the least people, especially friends, can do is realize I work my arse off and more often than not need my weekends to be relatively quiet and early. I know all my industry friends know this and I’ve even had conversations with coworkers regarding weekends being a personal sanctuary, it’s just a shame some of the other people in my life can’t understand this.

While waiting to hear from my friend on Saturday I watched Scarface on Encore. That movie always reminds me of the craziest cab ride ever. I was going to Shea with two buddies to see the Mets and we had to take a taxi after missing our train. We didn’t get any ordinary taxi, though, we got Dan from All Island Taxi! Dan was a complete maniac and those of us in the backseat were have a great time nearly falling out of the cab laughing at his antics. Our favorite? His brilliant interpretations of scenes from Scarface, which included him imitating Al Pachino sniffing up all the cocaine on his desk and yelling, in Dan’s words, "where my rocket launchers at!?!?" At this point I was gone, laughing hysterically. What was even funnier was that Dan couldn’t figure out how to get into Shea so we had to be dropped off on the wrong side of a six lane divided highway and dodge traffic to make it to the stadium.

My love of the Mets led me to a new blog discovery today, The Metropolitans! This blog is completely off the hook and features a ton of great Mets info. Not only that, but it’s updated daily! Gotta love it!

Also coming under the heading of things I gotta love are the new bikes and treadmills that came in at the gym today while I was working out. I was one of the first to experience the new bikes and they’re freakin awesome! Dual digital read outs and an automatic three minute cool down at the end. Add to the that newly simplified foot straps and you have one very happy Adam!
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