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Mr. Wendal
Sunday, February 27, 2005
Wednesday night proved to be, at the very least, a partial success. I went to see Vivian Green at SOB’s and let me just start out by saying DAYUM that woman is fine. Vivian is seriously one of the five most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She’s grown her hair out and since having her baby she’s been working out her abs like crazy, she’s even got great oblique definition. I was diggin her before based on skills alone because of how nice she was as a singer (don’t front, "Emotional Rollercoaster" had you open, too), but now she’s got a double whammy of a combination, talent and beauty! She also seems like a sweet person, too, hopefully find I’ll out more about that in the near future if I get to interview her.

At the show I ended up bumping into Wendy Williams, the queen of gossip. She seems like a really nice person and I gave her manager my card so hopefully we’ll link up for an interview sometime soon. My penchant for meeting ladies that night didn’t end there. Not only did I have a date for the show but I met not one but TWO women on my train ride home. The likelihood that I’ll see either of the women from the train again is very slim, but it’s nice to know I’m a good conversationalist and a pretty good flirt, as well.

Here’s something a little strange from Wednesday night, when I was buying my Metrocard someone actually asked the homeless guy by the machines if he was homeless. I wanted to turn around and just say "no, he just really hates baths." Of course he’s homeless! What, you think he’s got an endorsement deal from stanky-ass clothing? Eventually the guy gave him some change and finished up by saying "I’m trusting you." I’m trusting you? What’s he trusting him to do? Is he making sure the money goes towards college? I’m tired of people saying they don’t want to flip a homeless guy a quarter because they might spend it on alcohol or drugs. Let ‘em spend it on alcohol or drugs, they’re homeless! If I was homeless I’d wanna be drunk or high, too! What do these people expect of our homeless? What do you want ‘em to buy? A book? There’s no book that’s called How To Stop Being Homeless. Just give ‘em a break and buy ‘em a beer if they want one. Me, personally, I don’t flip anyone a quarter, but that’s because that’s some laundry money.

Speaking of keeping things clean, I emptied my vacuum cleaner bag today for the first time in a year. You wanna know how much crap gets accumulated in one of those bags over that amount of time? A heck of a lot. Taking it out was like helping a woman give birth to a 14 pound child, except this child had a nasty dust filled afterbirth. I got the hang of it, though, and even put a new bag in. Look at me, I’m being domestic.

The vacuum was the extent of my excitement this weekend. I stayed in both Friday and Saturday and loved it. Saturday I had as little human contact as possible. Not a lot of talking, not a lot of listening, just a lot of silence. I need nights like that, especially after a busy week. This week shouldn’t be too busy. I have one interview scheduled so far and I’ll be pitching a few stories heavily. Other than that it’s just me and the gym.

Final Thought: I love Chris Rock, but I still can’t bring myself to watch the Oscars. I don’t watch movies, and I just don’t care about awards. That being said, if Pootie Tang was announcing the awards I would be tuning in. Sa da tay!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 9:42 PM  
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