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Let Me Clear My Throat
Friday, February 18, 2005
This past week has been pretty good with the exception of my throat being massively sore from two weeks of yelling over DJ’s to try to network with people. It started on Tuesday. I forgot to bring cough drops to the radio show that night and two hours of talking later I was done.

Wednesday’s event, the tribute to Big L at SOB’s in NYC wasn’t quite as fun as I had hoped it would be. They overstuffed the place with people, so much so that you didn’t stand much of a chance of moving once you got in. Thankfully I was hanging out with my contact who got me on the list as well as a few other people she worked with. I had a great conversation with a young married couple who both worked in the industry. The husband was a fellow writer and even though he wrote about a different genre of music we had similar war stories. He asked if I got any action from being in VIP all the time. Sorry, that doesn’t happen yet. As I pointed out, if a girl is in VIP to party with Usher my chances are nil.

The performers I saw that night were alright, the lone standout being a Puerto Rican MC named Axel (or Actual, the mics weren’t great). He spit some gems, but the crowd reacted best to what I considered to be his wackest moments. Maybe radio isn’t pushing bad music on people as much as we think. Maybe the people really do enjoy bad music. Speaking of bad, a female DJ by the name of DJ Miranda spun for a bit and the best thing I can say about her spinning what that I hope she was just having an off night. To bump your turntable not once, but TWICE resulting in the needle coming off the record wasn’t a good sight. Her breasts, however, were a great sight. Kudos to God on those. Job well done.

One thing that I noticed at the party, partly because it was impossible to not notice, was that the guy to girl ratio was about 13-1. Total sausage party. Now, if this is a reaction to too many rappers calling women bitches and hoes in their rhymes and females finally taking a stand saying they don’t want to hear that and they won’t support it, I’m completely in their corner. Something tells me that wasn’t the case, but I can guarantee that if every party turned into one with that kind of ratio lyrics would be changed pretty quickly.

I broke of the party early because I wasn’t enjoying myself too much and I wanted to catch the 11:22PM train home. On the first subway I met an aspiring artist who didn’t tell me he was an artist until he was leaving the train. He said he wished he had my info and thankfully I got to my business cards and handed him one just before the doors closed. I know, it seems a little strange to be handing out my card after a 20 second conversation but one thing that stood out in my mind is that I have a lot of friends that are in the same situation this particular guy is in and if any of my friends met a writer on a train I would hope the writer would give them his or her info just as quickly.

By the time I got to Grand Central I was starving. I headed to a newsstand but they had nothing I would eat, just junk food. I spied a Zaro’s that was still open and made my to it. They didn’t have what I wanted either, but I asked. Skim milk. That’s all I wanted! They poured me 20 ounces worth and I added a muffin to the order for my ride home.

Switching topics, today I saw gym girl again. There’s something really nice about having another person to say "hey" to whenever I’m there. I killed my back on Wednesday by adding an extra exercise to an already exhausting workout. I’m adding an extra exercise to both my chest and my back routines as well as my leg routine in hopes to gaining a couple pounds for the spring. Overall I like the way my body is right now with the lone exception of my legs. I feel I could stand to add some weight there.

Final Thought: Fantasy baseball officially starts today for me! I started the league for the year and I’m ready to pour over depth charts and stats for the next month in order to create the perfect pre-draft rankings. Since I’m commish I made the league extra difficult this year. It’s still NL only, but now the rosters are larger and the amount of players teams can pick up during the year is severely limited. I’m completely psyched. I love a challenge and I love fantasy baseball!!!
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