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Friday, January 14, 2005
The lack of sun today combined with the on again off again snow, hail and rain is very representative of the kind of week I’m having. Maybe having so many articles in a row accepted by magazines had me feeling invincible, but if that were the case I’m now feeling very "vincible." All my pitches this week fell on deaf ears, or deaf email inboxes to be more precise. I know through experience that there are slow times when you’re a writer, but until you hit those times you forget how awful they actually feel. Each article I write is a piece of me and to have it ignored, or rejected, makes me, the writer, feel ignored and rejected. I know I have fallback places on the net that will feature my articles, but I was on such a huge roll it almost feels like a step back to put something on the net again. I don’t have much of a choice, though, so I should, at the very least, be happy it’s going to get read.

In other slightly depressing magazine news (I promise this whole post won’t be depressing, but I DID warn ya’ll I’m a depressed optimist) I’m still waiting for checks for a few of my articles. Every time I go to my mailbox I’m hoping to see a check and/or a copy of a publication that is using my work, but every day this week it’s been one disappointment after another. Something better arrive soon or I’m going to start to get angry.

In happier news (see, I told you) I had a couple of good interviews this week. I spoke with Long Island’s D. Fenominal, who happens to do the intro to In Da Mixx, and Blackground’s latest addition to their roster, super-producers The TrackStarz. I’ve known D for a long time so that interview had no choice but to go well, The TrackStarz interview went equally as well, too, and they seemed very appreciative of the attention. Gotta love humble stars.

Speaking of stars I have made one very interesting, some may consider it ridiculous, goal for the year. I have decided that I am going to attend as many of the glitzy NYC parties I get invited to as possible in hopes of running into Paris Hilton. I don’t plan on hitting on her, I just plan on walking up to her and talking with her for a few seconds. My reasoning? Simple, just so I can say I did it. As of now my Andy Dick story is the funniest story I have from an NYC party involving a celebrity, but I’d really like to eclipse that one and this time have a female involved. So Paris, if you’re reading this (yeah right) I’ll be on the lookout for ya!

Final Thought: Today one of the checkout girls at Shaws recognized me from Date Patrol!!! I was shopping for my groceries and as I was checking out one of the girls was like "were you on TV?" Yup Yup, she had seen my episode! That made me feel pretty awesome and was a great pick me up at the end of a fairly depressing week.
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