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GTA Norwalk
Monday, January 03, 2005
My entire plan for New Year’s Eve consisted of watching some football and seeing the ball drop on TV. To be honest, I was bored outta my mind during the day, thank the Lord for football. So I was watching the games and during halftime of the Florida- Miami matchup the cable went out. I normally know how to fix this problem myself, but my quick fix didn’t work. I called up the cable company and found out it was a PLANNED outage. Yes, that’s right, these morons decided to turn off the cable in my area on the night of New Year’s Eve to make a couple adjustments in their system. Apparently Cablevision wanted to ring the new year in with an outage. Whoever made that decision should be fired, or better yet, committed, because he (or she) was out of their mind. I missed the end of the game, I missed the ball dropping, but thankfully I had my cable back on in the morning to watch the New Year’s Day games.

New Year’s Day also saw me driving a friend’s car back from Norwalk. One of my homegirl’s had some work done on her car and needed someone who she could drive to where her car was, then drive her car back. Though I’m pretty hesitant to drive any whip that isn’t my own I agreed (it’s amazing what the phrase "I don’t care what happens to it" can do to help a situation). We got to her car and before I hopped in it I immediately noticed she has a license plate holder that dons her sorority's letters. OK, so that was going to look a little strange to anyone who decided to check out the plates then the driver, but I was cool with it, it was just one ride. It was pretty sunny out on New Year’s Day so I flipped the sun visor down for a second to shade my eyes. When I did I saw a pink background with the word "Princess" in white, script lettering that featured a mirror next to it. I then flipped the visor back up, opting for blindness over gayness. At that point I had the horrible thought of "what if I get pulled over?" I could just see me trying to explain to a cop that I’m driving this car "for a friend" and no I don’t know where the registration is and yes I realize that’s a sorority license plate and yes I know that the visor says princess. I’da been hauled off to jail for grand theft auto before you could say PS2. My homegirl ended up buying me lunch for my good deed, which was completely unexpected, but a welcome treat. (You rock!)

2005 is only a few days old and I’ve already scheduled two artist interviews and I’m working on a third. I’m also pitching a story heavily this week because I hope to get it placed by next week. The grind can be a pain in the ass, but life would be really boring without it. I have a friend at a major company trying to get me in and I’d love it. I told him that my resume was going to look great in a few months and he replied that it already looked great and there was no reason I shouldn’t already be in at the company. Here’s hoping he can influence someone to give me an interview.

Work is good, and though work requires me to be on a computer, and online, this year I’m going to try to be online a little less. I’ve noticed I waste a good amount of time online waiting for reply emails. There’s no rule saying I have to be online as soon as a message arrives, so I’m going to try to spend more time offline getting things accomplished. Even if it’s just blogging a bit more, or writing a few more reviews, or reading a few more books, I’m tired of wasting my life on IM waiting for something to happen.

Final Thought - Is it possible to have a very attractive member of the opposite sex as a friend and just keeping it as that even though you could also see it possibly going further if the timing was right? In other words, can a person have a hot friend who they’d be open to hooking up with but also would like to stay friends with regardless?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 4:11 PM  
  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    So you don't work for anybody?You're indepedent?I don't get how this whole journalism thing works.

    What artists are you planning on interviewing?

    And who publishes your articles?

    Sorry for all the questions but as an aspiring journalist,I'd like to know how the whole thing works.

    The whole feminine car thing was funny.It would have been hilarious if you had been pulled over and taken in.It would have been embarassing,but it would be an amusing story to tell your friends.

  • At 12:55 AM, Blogger Adam said…

    It's an extremely long process. Right now I have a lot of well established relationships with labels and PR people... that's how I get the interviews. Once I do the interviews it's all on me to pitch them.

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