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Dancin With Myself
Monday, January 10, 2005
I am pimpin and ready to go! Today I picked up my suits from the tailor and they look GOOD! I’m completely ready for a big time job interview now and I’m looking forward to any that come my way.

Saturday afternoon I went to see The Motorcycle Diaries and, despite me not realizing it was going to be in Spanish with English subtitles, it was great. Che Guevara was an incredible human being and I’m planning on reading more about him this year. The film is testament to the human will and at times I really related to Guevara. Much like Che, I oftentimes see people as incredibly divisive even if they don’t mean it. Unlike Che, however, I’m pretty much resigned to the way things are, unsure if they will ever change.

One very interesting thing about Saturday as a whole was that I did everything by myself and I really enjoyed it. I went to the movies by myself, I watched the football games by myself, I ate by myself and I was damned happy by myself. It’s strange, just as one of my friends gets engaged I seem to be finding happiness in being by myself. I love my friends, don’t get me wrong, and I enjoy hanging out with them, but there are times, actually it’s most of the time since most of my friends aren’t local, when I find myself by myself and it finally dawned on me on Saturday that I may find myself by myself because I enjoy it. How this new found realization will affect my dating life is something I’ve been thinking about all weekend and I think I’ve come to the most logical possible conclusion. When I meet women I’m simply going to talk with them to find out who they are with absolutely nothing in the back of my mind regarding dating or sex. It may sound crazy to some, but right now I'm feeling really laid back about things and I kinda enjoy having my big bed to myself the majority of the time.

Aside from hittin the movies, and watching the football games this weekend (I’m a Giants fan but everyone’s gotta be impressed with that Jets win on Saturday), I’ve been spending a lot of time reading Global Noise learning about how Hip-Hop arrived in, and developed in, other countries. When you hear about what was going on in some countries it really makes most of our complaints seem incredibly trite. For instance, when Germany was getting an influx of rap music they apparently felt bad for the black struggle and wished African American’s well, but had this issue called The Berlin Wall to deal with. I also found it interesting that The Berlin Wall became THE spot to attempt to tag. Some other countries I’ve found out more about include Belgium, the UK, France and Holland. The Holland chapter cracked me up because one of their slums is The Hague, which also happened to be the name of the building I lived in my Freshman year of college, lol!

Speaking of things going on in other countries, while it’s all well and good that the US, and every other country, is aiding the tsunami victims I would like to point out one very major thing everybody seems to be ignoring. When the tsunami hit, the US, a country strapped with a national debt from giving money to countries and never getting it back, was first in line with a huge donation to help out. This is nice, and the right thing to do. Yes, the hated US continues to help everyone else out despite all the nasty things being said about us on a daily basis. When we had our major disaster, however, (you remember that thing called 9/11) I don’t remember anyone helping us out. The most we got was a sympathy card. We seem to fight everyone’s battles for them but when shit gets rough for us everybody seems to mysteriously vanish. I’m tired of it. New rule, if you want to bash us and not aide us, fine, just don’t expect us to bail your asses out anymore. Am I being politically incorrect? Yes. Am I being mean? I don’t think so. Last time I looked if I helped someone out and they didn’t return the favor when I was in need that person wasn’t considered a friend anymore, so what makes our situation as a country any different?

Final Thought - I heard a news piece on Tigger’s show on Power105 last night that I had reported over two weeks ago. It feels damned good to scoop the big boys (not like that you perv).
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:10 PM  
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