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Well That Was Stupid
Friday, December 24, 2004
I had the bright idea of doing my grocery shopping this morning thinking there wouldn’t bee too many people there the morning of Christmas Eve. Normally I do my grocery shopping on Saturday but with all of America being closed tomorrow, and me not wanting to starve, I went today. Well, I won’t starve, but thinking there wouldn’t be anyone there has to rank as one of my dumber thoughts in recent memory. I ended up caught in a traffic jam IN THE PARKING LOT! It took me five minutes just to escape. It was insane. While inside the store I not only got food but looked through what was left of their Christmas cards. There really wasn’t much to choose from. I found one funny one for my grandfather but after that I was at a loss. I got to talking with another person who was looking through the cards and she said I looked artistic and could probably make one myself. I thanked her, told her she was right, I am artistic (writing is a form of art) and immediately went home and created the greatest Christmas card ever! Hey, props to the lady in the grocery store, she was right.

In other shopping news I went to Old Navy the other day to pick up some gloves and they told me they were all out. All out?!?! Old Navy runs out of stuff? It’s bad enough I was shopping at a store that ends up making everyone look alike but they can’t even keep their carbon copy clothing in stock? What the heck is going on here? The worst part of it was that I was going to buy two pair, one for me and one I was going to give as a gift. Thankfully I won’t be seeing the person I was planning on giving them to till next week so I’ll have plenty of time to shop the post-Christmas sales and hopefully find something equally as nice.

Today I hit the gym, as I do every Mon/Wed/Fri, but this time I found added inspiration after my workout. As I was leaving the gym former Smackdown star Matt Morgan was coming in. Seeing the 6’10’’ monster walking by my made me want to work out even more (which is nuts since I work out constantly as is)... too bad no matter how much I work out I will never grow a full foot in height.

Work life has slowed to a standstill for the holiday season. Nobody is doing interviews and most everyone is on vacation. Thankfully I have already set a few things in motion for once the new year starts. I’m really looking forward to 2005, it has the potential to be a great year for both me and my group of friends. This is the year all the hard work pays off.

My plans for New Year’s Eve are still very up in the air. There’s one girl I have in mind that I’d like to celebrate the occasion with, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll probably just chill at home. I really have no want to see even more drunk people than usual.

Final Thought - Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.
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