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We Need A Resolution
Thursday, December 30, 2004
January first is less than two days away and I still have no concept of what my new year’s resolution should be. I really outdid myself two years ago because my resolution for 2003 was to read more and I actually kept it. Who keeps their new year’s resolutions? Almost no one, but from the time I made that resolution to now I’ve read 26 books and I have to say it’s made me a significantly more interesting person, and slightly smarter, as well.

Topping that resolution may be impossible, so I’m starting to look at other aspects of my life which I might want to change. I know this is going to sound extremely egotistical, but when I look at myself, where I am, and what I’ve done, I don’t see much of anything that needs changing. My work out and diet regime is fantastic, I’m working hard and moving forward with my career, I have a few interesting hobbies, about the only thing I don’t have going for me right now is a place to chill outside the house.

I’ve talked (err, typed) about this problem in the past, but it still remains true, I have no "spot," no place to chill outside of my home. There’s no place, at least no place I’ve found, nearby that I would consider a second home. I don’t really drink, so bars are out, and I don’t enjoy the idea of getting all dressed up to wait in line, so clubs are out. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea, so the coffee shop concept could work, the local Starbucks, however, has next to no seating. Seinfeld had his diner, the gang on Friends had Central Perk, Drew Carey had The Warsaw, but I’m still searching for that place where I can go that’s like home, but not home.

I have the idea of the perfect place in my head, but it would never exist in Fairfield. My perfect "spot" is actually quite simple. Start with a bar / coffee shop, it doesn’t really matter what’s being served, the ambiance is the thing. Have a few tables in the middle of the place and line the walls with big comfortable sofas. People walking by would see the sign in the front window that reads "No Hate" and smell the incense burning inside. Not only do I like incense, but we all know there’s always at least one guy and one girl who thinks the cologne / perfume bottle is a one time use thing. In the background I want a DJ spinning smooth R&B, mixing in some classic soul and jazz, not too loud, though, just loud enough for people to hear. There’d be a small stage so R&B acts could come in and perform. The lighting wouldn’t be traditional, it would be those special red light light bulbs and the carpet would always remain clean. This wouldn’t be the type of place people would go to get drunk, rather they’d go to chill out and relax. Yeah, that would definitely be my "spot." Unfortunately after reading what I just wrote I can’t imagine a lot of people in the Fairfield area that would be down to chill at a place like that. It would be me and a few older folks, chillin out, talkin about jazz and soul. In fact, even if it was a wildly popular place, it would still be the kind of joint where a few older heads would be, the kind of cats who appreciate the music and would want to talk with everyone about what it was like to play up on stage back in the day. You know if you met a girl, or guy, there that they’d be a completely chill person.

That’s all just a dream, though. The fact of the matter is, I could use a place to chill locally. I guess that should be one of my new year’s resolutions. By this time next year I want to have found a place where I can chill out and not worry about anything. On second thought, that’s only partly in my control. If there ends up no place around that I’d want to chill at it’s not really my fault. Regardless, finding a "spot" will be a goal for the year to come.

Final Thought - Have a safe and happy new year everyone, and please remember, if you've had one too many, pass your keys to someone who hasn't. You can't enjoy 2005 from a hospital bed, or a jail cell.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 5:12 PM  
  • At 12:31 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    A chill spot.I need one too.All the best show's characters' had a chill spot.I can't think of one that didn't actually.That place you described sounds really nice.I would like it.At my school,the hotspot is the Y,which is right next door.But that's not much,and it doesn't work if you don't have a membership.

    I was wondering,do you have Van Hunt's cd,and if so,is it good?I was thinking about getting that.But I hate when I buy a cd,and I can't listen through the whole thing 'cause I have to skip through the songs I don't like.

  • At 2:35 PM, Blogger Adam said…

    Van Hunt's CD was my favorite R&B/Soul album of 2004. Definitely pick it up with confidence, you won't be skipping any tracks.

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