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Running Out of Places to Go
Monday, November 15, 2004
So much to write about so little time. Fist off, my Friday night was great even though the only human I interacted with was me (hey get your minds out the gutter!). It was a freezing cold night and I stayed in (not that I’ve been going out all the time, I just felt like having an explanation for staying in this time). Turner Classic Movies had Rear Window on, and since I love a good suspenseful movie, and Hitchcock is the man, I sat down and watched it. Grace Kelly is like WHOAH in this film. Gorgeous, rich, holding down a good job, cooking for her injured man and even willing to go to jail for him. Does it get any better than that? (That’s a rhetorical question folks, the answer is no) I also loved the concept Hitchcock used of filming the entire movie from the perspective of James Stewart, who’s character was wheelchair bound and could only look into his neighbor's windows, not alter any of the situations.

After the movie I cracked open Howard Stern’s Miss America and ran through the first hundred pages or so. Once I’m done with this book I’m going to have to head back Amazon.com or Borders to find something new since my stack of "To Read" books is now down to zero.

Staying in all weekend led me to think about a few things, mainly what I need to do to get out more. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine who shares my opinion on this topic. We both agreed it’s very hard to go out anywhere in the winter. For instance, I was invited to another Lil’ Jon party tonight but I’m not going because I can’t bear the thought of waiting outside a club in rapidly decreasing temperatures for God only knows how long. Keep me warm, please! Add to that the fact that I’m very bored of the local bar scene and I end up with a lot of solitary nights. I don’t want to spend the entire winter by myself, however, so there, in effect, lies my problem, how does one, specifically me, go out and meet someone if they’re tired of going out? I think I have a partial solution to this, I need to find a new place to go. I’m not the type of person who gets rip roaring drunk and parties till the sun comes up anymore. I can do it on occasion, if the right people are around, but for the most part if it’s just me, or me and one other person, I prefer a quieter evening. Is there anything wrong with a good old movie and a large (or Venti, or whatever the fuck Starbucks wants to call it’s biggest cup) of tea? Now I just have to find a way to find others who enjoy some of those same things. If anyone has any ideas when it comes to finding these people (locally) feel free to hit me with an email cuz I’m fresh out of concepts.

Speaking of finding people, right now I’m on the search for a good magazine editor. I’m pitching one of my interviews hard and I’m really surprised that very few editors have gotten back to me. Everyone who’s read the story, or even heard the concept behind it, feels it would make for a great article in damned near any magazine, but so far no real bites. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report on this front in the coming days.

Lastly, the Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away Friday night. Though some may have viewed him simply as the comic relief on Wu-Tang’s albums nobody can deny the group would have been completely different without him. Dirty’s intensity and unorthodox rhyme style was unique and, in my mind, helped jump off the careers of crunk artists such as Lil’ Jon and David Banner, who owe a lot to ODB. The one time I got to see ODB in person was when I attended the press conference Rocafella Records had when they signed him fresh out of jail. Looking in his eyes I saw a man who wasn’t happy. He always seemed to have a slight mental disability, and I’m not saying that in a mocking way, I’m saying it in a truthful way, and I think people took advantage of him. He rarely smiled a complete smile when the cameras were on and after seeing him in person I began to think that some of his craziness was simply an act to make people laugh either with or at him. Whatever the case may be I just hope that in passing Ol’ Dirty has found some peace. We will miss his unique personality on this earth, but it almost seemed as though nobody here treated him correctly anyways so he’s probably more than happy to move on. Hey Dirty, the "Brooklyn Zoo" won’t be the same without ya, we hope you’re enjoying life upstairs.
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