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I Voted, So I'm Cool
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Now I don’t want to say I live close to a school, but the one I voted at was so close I almost feel obliged to have kids. Less than half a mile away!? Less than half a mile away!? I really think with a grade school less than half a mile away, another grade school less than half a mile away, a high school around a mile away and a college three miles away it is my civic duty to procreate. This is God telling me to use my sperm, to get my freak on, to leave the raincoat on the coat-rack be like Nike and just do it. "Hey, baby, we don’t need a condom, I live less than a mile away from a vast number of educational institutions, we’re protected."

Back on the subject of why I was at the school, the election, I stood firm in my beliefs and voted for the candidate I felt best represented the way I feel about the issues, and this was Green Party Candidate David Keith Cobb. I know what you’re thinking, "man you just threw your vote away, he stands no chance at winning," and while it’s true that if Cobb even gets .5% of the vote it will be an accomplishment, I feel that voting for who you believe in is a lot better than voting for "the lesser of two evils." To me Bush and Kerry both have their good points and bad points, but their bad points far outweigh their good ones. I disagree with them on a lot of major topics and I disagree with the concept of a two party system that rewards those who are not just rich, but so rich nobody can even see them when it comes to money. It’s these uber-rich who get all the TV time and all the press when it comes to the candidacy. Let’s face it, no matter who wins, Bush or Kerry, nothing is going to change. Nothing has really changed in decades. The people who were rich still are, and the people who were poor still are. Sure a few people here and there have moved up a tax bracket, but for the most part things have stayed the same. Guess what, the two guys who have been millionaires all their lives aren’t going to change the system that made, and kept, them millionaires. So while one side rants about the other I can already purchase my bumper sticker - "Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Third Party."

The really sad thing about the voting in 2004 is that more and more our elections are becoming political versions of TRL, whoever pays the most to be heard, and has halfway decent production, wins. As a country we’re apparently perfectly happy with accepting what’s given to us. Personally I researched every presidential candidate that was on the ballot before heading to vote today. Why didn’t everyone do this? It didn’t take more than an hour we’re talking about the future of our country here!

One of my overseas friends really made me laugh the other day was when he mentioned that foreign countries now think they should have a say in our U.S. elections. C’mon guys, we have a country to run, it’s not all about foreign policy. If you’re that convinced we’re running the entire world just disband the U.N. right now because bringing up a concept like everyone voting for the U.S. President shows how little regard ya’ll have for all the international institutions.

Final Thought: This R. Kelly - Jay-Z thing has gotten out of control. Just shake hands like men and say "this isn’t working. Good luck with your career." The mudslinging is making both parties look bad.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 11:30 AM  
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