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One Good Cop
Saturday, October 09, 2004
I found one, I finally found one. That’s right, I found a good cop. Before I get to that, though, a little background on last night. Nervous System was performing in Danbury on Friday and you know I had to be there. I was wearing a shirt that I questioned might make me look gay, but plenty of women told me otherwise. Apparently I was confusing "gay" with "hot" because I was getting a lot of looks from the ladies and even a few gropes of my pecks and abs. Nothing makes a great night even better than having a beautiful woman tell you how hot you look while feeling your chest. To go with all of that fun Nervous System were off the hook as usual and the In Da Mixx stickers were out in full force being delicately placed on numerous fine ladies’ posteriors (pics coming in a few weeks).

I don’t really drink anymore, but when people buy me drinks I won’t say no, I think it’s rude to turn down someone’s generosity (unless you’re a recovering alcoholic). I ended up having four drinks between 9PM and 2AM, which, in my mind, is a very small amount. This time, unlike last time, I found my way back to I-84 on my first try (hey, who knew I could get out of the parking lot from the other side!). It was on the very dark, very foggy, Route 7 where I ran into some trouble, or, more precisely, trouble found me.

I sensed I was being tailed for about five miles and it was starting to get a little unnerving. Unnerving went to straight up panic when the person tailing me put their flashing red and blue lights on. The only thing going through my mind was "oh shit, gotta get my head straight." I immediately got my license, registration and insurance ready so the cop wouldn’t have to ask for it. I didn’t want to hear "do you know why I’m pulling you over," I was much happier admitting knowing I was pulled over and leaving it at that. The cop took my info and told me I had been weaving a bit. I wasn’t going to disagree, it was 3AM, the road had no streetlights and it was crazy foggy. I probably did weave a bit. While we were talking, however, I threw in a quick directional question, I even had the printout of my directions out, to show that there was a distinct possibility that I was a little lost. I think the cop understood this but still asked me to get out of the car. At this point I was very uneasy. My main experiences with cops have been with the Fairfield PD, who are consistently voted the worst cops in the county. They’ll pull you over hoping to find something to fine or arrest you for with no want to actually help anyone.

Once out of the car I was asked to walk from my car to the cop’s car. This scared the crap out of me. I’m severely pigeon toed and I trip over my own feet on a daily basis, and that’s in the daytime when I’m fully awake, this was at night on a dark road with me falling asleep. Somehow I made it without looking like a fool. Well, I may have looked like a fool because I had forgotten we were stickering people at the club and I had both an In Da Mixx sticker on me and a Nervous System sticker on me. The cop then asked me to follow his pen with my eyes, but here’s the kicker, he wanted me to take my glasses off. I am really blind without my glasses and I did point this out to the cop, who was noting I was moving my head a bit while looking (well, duh, I can’t see!). After the pen test he told me to wait in my car. I was relieved, I knew he wouldn’t put someone he considered to be a drunkard back in their car. He came by with a warning (praise God it was just a warning) and let me know where the road merged. I don’t know if he could sense I was reading Serpico or what, but I was damned happy to just get a warning. I was so thrilled to find a good cop I gave him an In Da Mixx flyer.

To all the cops out there, this Wilton police officer did exactly what a cop is supposed to do. He pulled me over to make sure I was OK (I also feel I helped matters by being accommodating and doing what I was asked to do without complaining). Never at any point did I sense he pulled me over hoping to throw me in jail. He seemed to sense that something was a bit wrong and wanted to make sure the rest of my drive would be cool. I really wish he could get transferred to Fairfield to teach those losers and racists what being a police offer is really all about.

Final Thought: I was at the Trick Daddy listening session in the city on Wednesday and when it was over I walked from Sony Studios (54th and 10th) back to Grand Central Station (42nd and 3rd). WTF was I thinking when I decided to make that haul and how come I didn’t even notice how long it was taking till I arrived at GCS and looked at the clock (it takes around 40 minutes for all who want to try it). I have to say there was at least one great thing about the walk, I saw a celebrity at a hot dog stand. HA! On the real, this was a big rat, bigger than the size of a regular adult foot, and he really looked like he was in line for a hot dog. As I walked around it two people jumped back and gasped. Ah yes, it’s always fun watching tourists get scared by rats.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 3:30 PM  
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