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I'm So Fly
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Well, maybe not, but I spent a good part of the weekend handing out flyers for In Da Mixx (get it? Fly... flyers? Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, I know I'm corny). I dropped off flyers at the Coconuts in Fairfield, and at half a dozen stores in Trumbull Mall. I was really surprised at the positive reaction a couple of the places gave me. Apparently some people really do want to support any potential Hip-Hop scene in CT. It’s a shame more artists don’t realize this.

While at the mall I was rocking my "Tug My Lever. Vote." T-shirt and I was getting more looks than a girl with no bra on in the winter. Everyone was diggin it. I’m going to wear it again tomorrow when I head into the city for Trick Daddy’s album listening session. Gotta love those listening sessions. Spend an hour listening to an album at an unusually high volume while eating free food. Not a bad gig, not a bad gig at all.

The baseball playoffs start today! It’s officially my favorite time of the year. Anytime you combine regular season football and post-season baseball it’s a great thing. I’ve got a couple potential matchups I’d like to see. Obviously I’d like to see the Twins win. I was a huge Kirby Puckett fan growing up and rooting for them is easy because their AA farm team is in New Britain, CT. Also, ever since commissioner stupid, I mean Selig, tried to contract them they’ve been a playoff team. I’d really like them to win it all and create shirts that said on one side "2004 World Series Champs," and on the other "Contract That, Bitch!" Braves vs. Twins would be a fun rematch from the ’91 Series, but the Braves choke way too much for that to happen. Another great scenario would be to see the Dodgers and the yank-me’s only because we’d get the potential to see Jeff Weaver win a World Series by shutting down the yanks. If that were to happen I think Steinbrenner’s head would explode. If anyone is wondering my actual pick is Cards vs. Twins. I can’t pick a winner yet, but seeing Johan Santana try to navigate his way through that lineup is exactly what the World Series should be about.

This Friday is Nervous System’s album release party in Danbury. I really can’t wait, it’s going to be one of the last times I can really cut loose and have a good time for a while. Hopefully one of the many fine ladies who show up for NS’s shows will want to give me an early birthday present (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Final Thought: People complain (including me) that models, actors, singers, basically anyone on a magazine, are far too thin. While this is true, the concept that these photos influence people to have eating disorders seems wrong. I mean, if it were true would we really be the fattest country on earth? Maybe it’s time to plaster those images up in people’s bedrooms and bathrooms rather than on billboards.
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