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Saturday, September 18, 2004
I got an interesting wake up call this morning from mother nature. A bolt of lightning hit so close to my place that my computer, which was on standby, turned itself on. Nothing like seeing that bright-ass screen bright and early. I did manage to keep myself in bed for a bit, but let’s face it, there’s not much sleepin after something like that happens.

The past week was good, nothing too major happened. On Wednesday I hit up a meeting of The Domino Effect, a local group that mixes politics with the arts. I had met them last weekend at a show and dug their vibe. We scheduled them to be on In Da Mixx on the 28th of September to talk about their organization and register some Fairfield U kids to vote. I think it’ll be a hot show and give us a chance to talk about the Hip-Hop voting block and how (or if) we can really make a difference.

The presidential election has left me really disliking modern day politics. The ways these supposed potential leaders are acting is something not even Machiavelli could have imagined. There’s so much hatred and anger being displayed that I’m pretty sure, barring anything amazing, I’m voting for a third party candidate again (and no, not Nader, who is also campaigning with anger). Before you accuse me of "throwing my vote away," or "helping candidate X win," realize that were it not for a third party candidate, whichever one I choose, I probably wouldn’t be voting at all. So let me just say well in advance, my vote did not affect your candidate at all.

Switching gears, over the past few weeks I’ve been oddly content with my life. For someone who has no full time work (though sometimes freelance feels like it’s full time work), no girlfriend, and a car that’s developing some interesting quirks, I’m pretty happy. I’m not jump up and down for joy happy, but I’m not sad, I’m not depressed, I’m cool with it. That’s basically the way I am with a lot of aspects of my life right now. I’ve found that fighting reality only leaves a person constantly frustrated and always searching for a new way to "win" when winning may be as simple as going along for the ride.

On the aforementioned topic of me being single, the other day one of my homegirls suggested that I should consider going out to a bar this weekend and having a quick one night stand. Since she wasn’t offering I passed. I’ve never been a one night stand kinda guy. If I was I would definitely know it by now because there were plenty of opportunities back at Hofstra. I dunno why I’ve never gone for a one night stand, I guess it’s just not in my nature. Ah, well, to each his, or her, own.
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