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Pros and Cons of Salons
Friday, September 24, 2004
OK, here goes I don’t go to a barber, I get my hair cut by a woman at a salon (and if you ever saw her you’d see why). I was getting my haircut the other day when the strangest of conversations broke out. One of the other women working at the place just turned 30 and she was being heavily influenced by her friends to, get this, get pregnant. One person went as far as saying she wants her to be pregnant by her next birthday! This led to all sorts of crazy discussions of menstrual cycles and other things most men really don’t need to hear about. I do find it funny, though, that women can say the word ovulating louder than a Red Sox fan yells "Yankees Suck," but when it comes to the word period it’s always said in a hushed tone as if saying it too loud will immediately bring one on. I basically sat in my chair in shock half the time, not because of language, but because I couldn’t, and can’t, imagine any guy going up to another guy on their birthday, or ever for that matter, and saying "I expect you to have a baby on the way this time next year." We just don’t talk, or think, like that.

Speaking of other things that are completely insane, I came across a site that reviewed B-Movies and found my next rental/buy, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter How can you go wrong with lesbian skinning vamps fought off by Jesus and a Mexican wrestler? Sounds like fun for the whole family to me! It was made by a company in Canada (wait, someone there has a sense of humor? They must not be aware of the Canadian no-fun rules) and if I have to order it directly from them I will. It would be a worthy addition to my movie collection.

Another movie I feel the need to mention is Jack Frost 2. Yes, that’s right, my favorite serial killer snowman came back for a sequel and I caught it on HBO Zone last weekend (thank you IO). This one may not have had Shannon Elizabeth getting boinked to death in a bathtub by a snowman like the original, but it did have it’s moments. One phrase pretty much sums up the entire flick, mutant killer snowballs! I’d give Jack Frost three out of five stars when it comes to B-Movies. Not as good as the original, but still campy fun.

B-Movies aside, this week has been pretty full for me, lots of interviews and setting up affiliate programs for The Reality Box has taken up most of my time. I’ve placed all our affiliates at the bottom of The Reality Box. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off soon, and I do mean PAY off. Most of our affiliates give us a percentage of the sales that are generated through the links on our site. The hope is to make enough dough from those links to pay for things like flyers, stickers, etc. Basically any money we get from something In Da Mixx related we put back into something In Da Mixx related.

I’m looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend. I don’t have a lot planned and as long as the Giants win again I’ll be happy. Finding another good B-Movie on a random movie channel again would also be nice, but nonessential. Those little slices of Heaven only come along once in a while.
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